The day at EastsidePride

I had last been to this park for a Stonewall event back in the 1990s

today, it was eastside pride and it was a day

I talked to a lot of queers, saw some entertainers, worked my way through many different booths

and I took on a pedophile an 80 something year old white man trying to tell dykes what the word dyke means and to exclude his criminal interferance with children as being different from pedophiles because of his twisted idea of what medical words mean.

he recoiled and cried it was a medical word and I said clearly it was also a legal word

I called him a pedophile and he turned to scream at the uninterested crowd that I was a liar

so I stood taller and said more loudly, I have no problem calling you a pedophile

at that point a festival volunteer came over and he left the park

the queer community does not include pedophiles

it is not ageist is it really thinking of the children and their best interests

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2 Responses to The day at EastsidePride

  1. No, it most definitely is not ageist. Well done. Unfortunately it is frowned upon to cull such beasts!


    • dykewriter says:

      chemical castration does not work. so jail is the only place. and they molest an average of 250 children going from few victims in family types to the preacher/teachers who get into the 1,000s and bring the average up.

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