Dixie Chicks vs Taylor Swift

I stopped listening to country and western music after kd lang and the New Traditionalist wave of the 1990s.

so when this happened:

and male rock stars were allowed to say anything they wanted but women could not and women in country especially not. eh.

I went and bought their entire catalog.



Taylor Swift releases anti-homophobia song ‘You Need To Calm Down’ · PinkNewsTaylor Swift has released a brand new single called You Need To Calm Down, and it celebrates Pride month while criticising people who are homophobic.www.pinknews.co.uk

Taylor Swift’s Response To Katy Perry Kiss Rumor: I’m An LGBTQ ‘Ally’ – Hollywood LifeTaylor Swift issued a response to the rumor that she shared a kiss with Katy Perry in her new video and defended being an LGBTQ ally.hollywoodlife.com


LGBTQ Celebrities Take the Crown in Taylor Swift’s New Video“You Need to Calm Down” is an anti-homophobia anthem, and the video goes hard.www.pride.com

Onno Singularity

@nina tryggvason You think she is an ally?

nina tryggvason –

no. I think she sees a market niche. this is the person who tried to copyright “1989” in a particular font.

Onno Singularity

Yup, i felt the same, attention hungry bastards…



7 US Presidents who were rumoured to be gay or bisexual – PinkNews · PinkNewshttp://www.pinknews.co.ukShareEmoji


The Revolutionary War Hero Who Was Openly Gay – HISTORYBaron Friedrich von Steuben was known for his bravery and the discipline and grit he brought to the American troops.www.history.com

related. eh

Elton John did meet Elvis Presley. Elton was the fave singer of Elvis’ daughter and Elvis arranged the meeting.


Rocketman deleted scene: You won’t BELIEVE who played Elvis Presley | Films | Entertainment | Express.co.ukROCKETMAN, the Elton John biopic originally featured Elvis Presley, played by Rob Delaney.www.express.co.ukShare

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