Today felt queer, eh

Continuing to unpack from my move to the Big City and a return to Adulting.

I decided to go out for the weekend afternoon and while on The Drive in Vancouver, saw a poster for the Rio Theatre playing the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

it is the movie I have seen more than any other movie. on the silver screen, over 30 times, closer to 40 now.

Before the RHPS, there was a Dungeons and Drag Burlesque show as a separate ticket performance. it was entertaining.

the audience was mostly young adults with very few older timers and I was the only old one calling out most of the lines from the 1990s

the younger audience was mostly quiet with a few people calling out weak lines that added nothing and lacked relevance.

however. during the Nixon speech part. on the putting America first, I called out

There was a time presidents did that to an audience response of a ooo someone where there, so after the sound, I said. Yeah, I went there.

I was pleased at how many of the audience lines I did remember. it was a good long term memory reminder.

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