Queerly Yesterday

I returned to my new address… new home… around 2 am last night

I had unpacked books in the morning, still in set up mode; but decided to spend the afternoon out in Dykecover on Commerical Drive or The Drive. Vancouver BC.

After seeing a poster for the Rio Theatre of a Rocky Horror Picture Show starting in the late evening, the decision was made to attend that and stay out.

So. up one side and down the other, a visit into a few stores where queer subculture was part of a once mainstream community street – now being painted with “Little Italy” on the crosswalks.

To which I say, that every second one should be a dyke crosswalk painting then.

Columbus was never in America or Canada. eh.

And I note from history. it was named for Amerigo Vesspucci while Canada is an Indigenous word that means village.

Yesterday I got my first haircut on The Drive, discovered that younger adults think I have a cool factor. something my peers never did and I find more amusing than anything. not ever having been concerned with cool. eh.

Meandering to the Rio. there was Geekenders doing a Dungeons and Dragons themed Burlesque show before RHPS. so taking in two shows seemed a better time and connecting with the queer community than just walking The Drive.

Where Baby Boomer aged men continue to sit at coffee shops on the patio and be creepy old men to adult women young enough to be their granddaughters or great-granddaughters even.

but in an era where Cigarette Smokers and Cannabis Tokers are uneasily sharing the sidewalk….

The Burlesque show was geeky and saucy, but not very caustic draggish. more adorkable then bitter observational comedy.

RHPS. was a very different viewing, with the cast talking about how outdated the terminology in the 1970s movie was in 2019.

the majority of the audience under 30 and a third of the entire audience Rocky Virgins.

there was no cohesive audience calling out

there was me, who remembered far more of the audience lines than most people would with the time period of over a decade since I last saw the movie in theatre – and it is the movie I have seen more than any other movie in theatre.

there was another woman who did not have a full theatre projecting voice – and I was in the front row – who did almost as much audience lines as me but she was also doing improv lines which did not work

there was too many heterosexual men screaming “bitch” at women characters and that was never part of the audience lines and it speaks to a disturbing tone in the larger society and was unexpected from the age group.

I found myself hitting the Brad Asshole lines a lot harder than I would have normally in response.

when I did two of the familiar lines, it divided the audience by age

I got a theatre smattering of laughs at these lines

“Look. the B-52s all 52 of them”


Singing “I’m so glad we had this time together”

to silence in the theatre, after which I said

“No one gets the Carol Burnette reference” to some laughter from the same people who got the B52 reference.

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2 Responses to Queerly Yesterday

  1. Sounds like your knowledge, and talent, was wasted on that bunch!


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