Gender over Generations, eh

Meet the Nonbinary Activist Advocating for Gender Neutral Passports“As trans and nonbinary people we’re used to fighting, but I am optimistic.”

Wendy S.17 hours ago

As a transgender woman, I’m hoping that it doesn’t get to the point where I’m forced to identify as X or non-binary verses female.  To each their own, but I’m sorry to say that the non-binary subject is making it more difficult for transgender people that identify as male or female.

Maggie David Haynes16 hours ago

I don’t understand how you think nonbinary people are making things more difficult for you

nina tryggvason15 hours ago

me either. which is why I am confused why bisexuals are being bashed on more than they used to be called tourists to queerdom. this infighting has to stop and this idea of pushing labels or deciding for or about demographics that one does not belong to is only helping those who would genocide all of us across the LGBTQ2, eh

or why there is not the same transmen/gaymen discussion….and where do trans who identify as heterosexual belong? I mean at this point, I say let’s include the kinky heterosexuals, we need more on our side.

Wendy S.11 hours ago

I’m tired of the large percentage of people thinking that birth sex determines what bathroom or gender marker TG people should use.  My opinion is simply because of the added confusion of that large percentage of people that I referred to.   The topic of TG people using an X as a gender marker has already made it’s way into media.  I’m not sure if the bathroom topic for non-binary people has been focused on yet.  As previously stated “to each their own”.  God bless people who have made a choice to be non-binary.  However, my opinion is as previously stated.

nina tryggvason4 minutes ago

you are tired that most people who are too lazy to learn anything accept the statistical norm?
you are saying you are tired of what is reality for the majority of the human population… do you realize how that sounds?

given how heterosexual behave it is curious why there are so many, but I am not surprised that new identities are emerging in an era where too many generations are existing at the same time.

Wendy hour ago

I can educate people about transsexualism or intersex people.  I can’t do that for people that make a life choice to be non-binary and so I don’t try.  It’s even more difficult when someone says that they’re transgender and non-binary.  It pisses me off that I may be forced to identify as non-binary  when it comes to gender markers and the government in general.  I can tell you that I’m not the only TG person that shares my opinions.  I could care less if you don’t agree with my opinion and feel the need to read into it further than I have simply stated it.  Don’t speak for me…

nina tryggvason2 minutes ago

well that is the problem when individuals confuse themselves for their group. and that individuals and groups are interdependant for meaning and validation, eh.

so you understand why not everyone is using “cis” either then. and it is not about agreeing with either of our personal views. it is about exchanging and listening to each other. eh.

Wendy S.a day ago

Unfortunately, your approach today is by expressing your ideas by trying to tell me that I’m saying something other than what I said.  My comments are pretty clear.

nina tryggvasona minute ago

yes, and you keep restating it rather than actually responding to any of my comments. so you are not understanding mine because you are only seeing the issue from one perspective and not looking at it across the human spectrum, past to future.

and you are not demonstrating any empathy or understanding of what it is like for the emerging demographic of non-binary and you are making the same complaints that have been made about your demographic in LGBTQ2.

Wendy S.12 minutes ago

If you can’t understand why a transgender person wouldn’t want to be labeled as non-binary, then we’re not going to get anywhere with this conversation..  Since your not transgender, you apparently can’t relate and will just continue you to accuse me of not being an LGBTQ+ team player. I will not give you the satisfaction of commenting on your multitude of “so your saying” B.S.  I keep repeating myself, because you keep going elsewhere.


Try being a person and letting others be, and this has never been a conversation.

and you continue to ignore the point of my post and the comments I have provided that we are all people who are experts of our own experience and it is not up to anyone else to define or decide for. LGBTQ2 has to come together or we all all genocided.

7 Things to Know About Birth Control If You Are Transgender or Nonbinary | Teen VogueIf you’re trans or nonbinary and you want to prevent pregnancy, here’s what you need to know about birth

Wendy S.2 hours ago

There’s such a thing called chemical castration for MTF TG individuals after being on an anti-androgen for a certain period of time.

nina tryggvason17 minutes ago

and it has no impact really. pedophile priests who took it have said so.

Wendy S.18 minutes ago

OK…  Pedophile priests said so.  LOL

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

yeah one who was a confessed pedophile who requested it and was disappointed it did not fix him any more than the priesthood did, that mostly being a pedophile support and protection group.
education spans a lot of subjects, eh

Wendy S.a day agoedited

Speaking as a transgender woman who has been on hormone replacement therapy for 7+ years plus a few other steps….   There’s no way that I can get anyone pregnant.   That’s the basis of my comment.  I wasn’t referring to pedophiles.  Eh…

nina tryggvason2 minutes agoedited

so only your experience or perception matters, nice to know there is no interacting with you then.and there is something really telling about that. eh. unintended consequences…

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago Condom, The – The New York TimesChristopher Shea artice, in review of year’s notable ideas, on Rapex, brainchild of Sonette Ehlers; Rapex is female ‘condom’ lined with plastic spikes on its inner surface and is designed to end sexual assault immediately by affixing to assaulter’s penis; would cause only superficial damage but would create physical evidence of attack that could be used for prosecution (M)Show

Women need to totally go on strike

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