Dear Facebook, a hate crime has criminal content

1. I am a woman

2. I am a retired building facilities manager

experience is difference from prejudice and learn to parse for jokes eh.

this post web 3.0 end of net neutrality facebook is a bit different, funny how pedophiles. religious threats and all kinds of behaviour is okay on facebook, but tell one truthful joke and suddenly. eh.

faceplam facebook eh! lols. the calgary newspaper I mailed that same line to, published it as a letter to the editor. which the internet is that without one.

what concerns me is that no one reported the comment. so keystroke monitoring or keywords triggering a site reply, it certainly shows that AI is no better than grammar checker in word programs, lacking context ,software like people can’t parse for meaning.

Google was once a search engine
Facebook a college hook up site

Google was Web 1.0 and Facebook began the Web 2.0

the ironically names social media era, replacing the data of before

I liked the web better when only geeks and secretaries knew how to use computers and were able to access it.…/16/letter-to-the-editor/NTRYGG.WORDPRESS.COMGetting Your Letter to the Editor PublishedThere is an art to writing letters to the editor that is being lost largely owing to Web 2.0. The internet is essentially, a letters to the editor column, except without the editor. I have written …

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