Gender and Perception, eh

Jacob Tobia Explains Why Some Queers Have Reclaimed the Term “Sissy”“If you think you’re going to tease me with that name, it’s the title of my damn book now, sorry!”www.out.comRepostEmoji

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Wendy S.20 hours ago

My opinion is conflicted.  The term transgender has become blurred in my opinion.  There’s a continuous battle to be taken seriously.4 Replies

nina tryggvason12 hours ago

Glad you posted, the term intersex seems to have shifted as well, from it’s initial meaning referring to lesbians as a third sex to intersex, until that fell out of favour in the 1990s purge of all things butch/femme and now it’s resurfaced as a more clinical term for hermaphrodite. I think part of the problem is clinical language and layperson’s use of that language without the precision in an era where people think they get to make up what any word at all means. eh.

nina tryggvason12 hours ago

what is reclaimed as pride by one group is the painful ouchie for another, eh

Wendy S.10 hours agoedited

A large percentage of society is confused by the transgender umbrella / spectrum.  I like to think that education is key to addressing issues like the military, bathrooms, and gender markers. It would be easier to explain transgender individuals that have struggled with gender dysphoria for their lives and moved forward to living authenticly as themselves with the help of scientific justification.  That education merit gets convoluted with part-time; crossdressers; fetish individuals; drag queens; and gender fluid folks.  The individual in the article identifies as a “sissy” and transgender, but apparently has little concern for passing (IMO) and seems to be more about just freedom of expression on a queer level.  I sincerely don’t mean to offend anyone, but the human rights of transexual people who live 24/7 as their authentic selves are being negativity affected by the blurry transgender lines.  I’m frustrated…

Probably reasons to not use me as a moderator…  Eh…

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

actually that is exactly why I would make you a moderator in my lgbtq2 group.

i feel bad for the bisexuals, who have been deem tourists to queerdom and now there is this internal blurry lines and erasure. individuals finding their place and seeking buffer groupings

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