then, when there is not need to know, eh

Christian Nalletamby7 hours ago

Philosophy-science, thought of the day!


WWJUDASDO 16 hours ago

We couldn’t destroy this planet if we tried. However, we are making it uninhabitable for many.8 Replies

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nina tryggvason4 hours ago

there are enough nuclear weapons to end all life 8 times over to the microbe.

nina tryggvason4 hours ago

when the north pole melts the methane will smoother most things.

nina tryggvason4 hours ago

then there is the arsenic dump, the underground fires, frakking and a lot more unregulated industries, but don’t worry, when the supervolcano under Yellowstone blows and takes out two thirds of the usa and causes in effect a nuclear winter. no one will be around to disagree with internet posts of personal uninformed opinions. eh

nina tryggvason4 hours ago

you did know the 2004 indian ocean quake shook the planet on it’s axis?

WWJUDASDO 12 hours ago

None of the things you mentioned destroyed or could destroy the planet as implied by the post (the Sun will eventually destroy the Earth), but they are making it uninhabitable for many.

I think where we might disagree is on the definition of “destroy”. In the above post the Sun will literally destroy the Earth, whereas humans are only capable of making it uninhabitable.

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nina tryggvason35 minutes ago

yeah, be a pedantic dick when proven wrong about the actual destruction of the planet.

WWJUDASDO 13 minutes ago

You’ve merely proven your lack of reading comprehension. Now, fuck off.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

is this your first day on the internet? learn to just block and walk away. eh.

crybabies who bully when they do not get catered to and are incapable of considering other people exist.

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