From Chatting to Flirting, a lezflirt guide

chris Morgan



welcome to lgbtq210:34

New Messages

chris Morgan

thanks 10:34

I am in Canada and this is my group what country are you from?10:35

chris Morgan

usa – arizona10:35

one of the hot states. eh10:35

chris Morgan

in the summer yea but its been a cold month10:36

I live in British Columbia, it’s Canada’s warmest province10:36

chris Morgan

always wanted to visit BC10:36

you should, it;s gorgeous here.10:37

there like 7 suburbs with rainbow crosswalks to10:37

one of the queer mecca nations10:37

chris Morgan


you could file a refugee claim. or maybe email the departments that oversee that and ask when they will accept americans as persecuted category of citizens10:39

sorry I am in activist mode and will switch to more chat social eh

chris Morgan

haha no worries 10:39

So. what sort of chat are you looking for. I have not really had much going on in this part of the group, mostly I post news and do quips for my blog.

chris Morgan

idk, ive been so burnt out on social media lately10:41

it is so web 2.0 and this is web. 3.0 the social media era was ironically named, eh

okay, let me tell you a bit about me and see from there. eh10:42

I am 51 and retired so I use the internet to do political action dyke splaining.

chris Morgan

thats a good way to use the internet10:43

I have been on it since before it was called web 1.0

chris Morgan


I liked it better when it was data before people got on it, you used to have to know how to use a computer. there once was skills and now, there are apps10:44

at 51 I am cranky and tired with no edit switch.

all technology invented after you are 35 is a confusing abomination, so do you have that to look forward to or are you from the best and brightest generation under that age?

chris Morgan

im 25 but idk i dont have any issues with any of the modern tech10:48

because your generation is more tech savvy and you use current tech10:48

I used to be geeky but it’s become a less meaningful data stream10:49

you have 10 more years before you peak and the children now are adulting10:49

after 25 you age out of the prime market demographic

anyway, sorry I am rambling a a bit unfocussed. did you have something you wanted to introduce as a topic?

well, it was all about a sorting process and when you are not sure what to say to someone you really have no clue about, what does one say?

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