Thinking about Gender, sexually eh.

Airlines, Including Delta, to Add New Gender Options for Non-Binary PassengersAirlines for America told The Daily Beast that it has approved a new international standard that will allow for ‘unspecified’ and ‘undisclosed’ in addition to ‘male’ or ‘female.’

Multiverse UFO

But first of all, why must all passengers disclose gender in the first place? 

nina tryggvason

in case bodies need to be recovered. the same reason why gender is on government id.

Multiverse UFO

That’s why gender is such a sad thing. But wait, does it make any difference when recovering? There are more accurate criteria other than gender!

nina tryggvason

you want to sort a mix of bodies and parts out, it is one of the primary means of identification.
right down to the skeleton

Why are trans men always left out of the conversation?Close your eyes and think of a transgender person. I bet you’re thinking about a trans woman. Transparent, Orange is the New Black, Butterfly – all the cultural breakthroughs we’ve seen recently place trans women front and centre of the narrative. Media coverage is no different. So why do trans women get all the spotlight while… Read more »

Multiverse UFO

And people always imagine male couples when hearing “homosexuality”

nina tryggvason

which is a word heteros use, not queer people.

homosexual does mean male. women were not discussed and at first were called introverted or third sex before lesbian took hold.

as much as there is the bisexual vs trans and lesbian terf vs trans… gay men are not being inclusive of transmen. so there is a problem in the spectrum.

New BBC Podcast ‘NB’ Explores What It’s Like To Be Non-Binary & It’s Set To Be A Serious Must-ListenThe BBC is set to release NB, an eight part podcast about being non-binary, and the experience of gender nonconforming people in our society. To say this is an exciting and huge move by the BBC would be an understatement, and the fact that this show…

Multiverse UFO –

What’s the difference between #bisexual and #pansexual ?
I feel that pansexual is attracted to everyone, regardless of gender and identity, but bisexual is only attracted to male and female, not non-binary people.

Shay Anderson –

Most people that say bisexual are actually pansexual though. They’re just idiots. I really should try to educate anyone who says they’re bisexual so they can actually know what they are—trans exclusionary or not.

nina tryggvason

bisexual people know they are attracted to male and females, it’s why they are bisexual attracted to both. and the queer community has to stop making them into tourists. it is bizarre that trans and bi are pitted against each other. bisexual is not an outdated term just because trans are now almost included in LGBTQ2.

I am not surprised nonbinary and asexual are gaining traction,

Bisexual prison guard called 'poof' and 'gay' by fellow officers wins lawsuit

heterosexuality is so fragile that it has to call others names, eh.

and might stop existing if people know other sexualities are an option

so why are there still heterosexuals? because people are afraid to be called names? or, #LestWeForget Be Genocided.

the government is not serving or protecting queer employees, never mind all tax paying demographics in the public.

The Raw Recovery Specialist

asexual people tend to have fuller lives, not spending time trying to get laid.

The Agoraphobic Philosopher

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