Point vs Talking Point

Should Straight Actors Play LGBTQ Characters?

Two queer writers debate a Hollywood conundrum.

nina tryggvason 13 days ago

No. queer is not the acting part, the character is. eh.

Caroline Evans13 days ago

Thats the essence of acting though… pretending to be someone else in a convincing way. Jake Gyllenhall was straight irl in Brokeback mountain. This sounds like you’re descriminating against hets

Here he is on Google. Notice the spouse ..
You’re are more than welcome to click on the pic to have a more thorough look.

nina tryggvason 13 days ago

maybe you need to learn more about film and film history and not use such bland pop culture examples as if they negate a historic and well documented problem.

in fact, in the middle of all the articles about queer genocides and oppression in law and society, you want to argue for heterosexuals to play the few queer roles. what is wrong with you?

(this person then sulked on their profile and did not post in my mewe group for a while and then, after 10 days)

Caroline Evans3 days ago

My point is if anyone is trained to act then it should be about how much they want to play the role and never about who they choose to have sex with

nina tryggvason 3 days ago

you are alibiing heterosexuals , acting has it’s limits and straight people need to learn they can’t be all things to everyone. the audience deserves to be represented with role models.

Caroline Evans17 hours ago

I understand your point of view but I think that the times are moving on in a much more positive climate than what it was in the 50s/60s. There were many actors/actresses that felt they had to hide their true sexuality to make it in the film industry. I personally dont think that all gay parts are given to straights because of homophobia lol

nina tryggvason – 17 hours ago

then you really do not understand my point of view. and you do continue to alibi heteros.

Caroline Evans16 hours ago

Yes I actually do understand you, Nina. You say that you think that gays should be played exclusively by gays…am I right?

nina tryggvason – 11 hours ago

that is a simplification. so no. you do not. not what I say nor how I am saying it. in the context of we are being erased from society.

Caroline Evans9 hours ago

You’re saying the entire lgbtq community is getting erased?

nina tryggvason – 5 minutes ago

I am saying we are being oppressed and genocided. #LestWeForget meanwhile you are min/maxing in order to keep making your talking points.

because he is not. heteros are not queer and their acting queer is not representation https://news.sky.com/story/joel-edgerton-on-boy-erased-i-worried-i-wasnt-qualified-to-tell-a-gay-mans-story-11630776

from my own experience, when I pitched a movie to a group who could have greenlight it. when I said I wanted real queers to act in it, I got the well, actors can play anything.. as if queers can’t act.

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