Of Brains and Brainbots

women have bigger brains adjusted for body size averages

and a denser neural network for language and social skills

we are the cunning linguists

sorry Robin Williams in the Dead Poet Society

repeating poetry does not impress much

Are Male and Female Brains Biologically Different?


onno doove  Nahh, you’ve never partaken of my exquisite eloquence… 😉

Nina From Canada, eh I had the best time in one of Those Communication Workshops explaining the biological difference

onno doove 

However, it’s still statistical, and there is also the continuous influence of nurture, which raises the question: are differences in our brains effected by gendered genes or by upbringing? Your thoughts?

Nina From Canada, eh i have always thought our genes give us our potential and our environment our limitations. and, it depends on how much any given person listens to the bad messages that society has for everyone, regardless of their demographics.

our conclusions from data are only as good as the data, eh.

onno doove Yeahhh, from a purely practical standpoint, the people you encounter in your life are going to include a few that wildly fall outside of median margin.

For a straight guy with typical guy hobbies i have some well-developed maternal instincts for example…

Nina From Canada, ehwhich is why I prefer exceptional people to average ones. eh.

but you know Onno, I am a bad lesbian, most of the close friends that I have had in my life were hetero geek men.

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