Words vs Actions

I was just deleting chat hook up posts in my google LGBTQ2 group

and considering the irony of writing a flirting manual

back in the 1990s flirting was in person and you had to know stuff, care about issues and be clever

post geek internet, when the public was all online 2019

anyway, today I dropped into the Vancouver Queer Center

and volunteered for the finance committee and offered my workshop

so, now I really have to compile that book

the plugin you showed me does not work with free wordpress

and the sitesnag program I had only does websites, not blogs

so I am gonna have to do this really old school

copy and past from the blog to a word program.

I think I will look sad at the queer centre and say “carpal tunnel”

and then the centre has volunteers who can do the admin bits

it is gonna be good to be on an org chart again

volunteering in retirement is gonna be a lot funner than when I was a starting out volunteer and needing to also find a job.

the problem of PTSD and volunteering

Job Interviewing: Volunteering

Volunteering for Community groups – Master Class

Canada’s LGBTQ2 Apology

The RCMP Apology

Atheist Holiday: None or All Multiculturalism


Today, I went to The Drive and enjoyed the queer atmosphere of Dykecover and then to Davie Street, to the Queer Community Centre, where I volunteered to join the finance committee and to offer a workshop.

The RCMP Apology

#LestWeForget and for Canada, #LestWeForgetEh

Canada’s LGBTQ2 Apology

Canada’s LGBTQ2 Apology

Dear Ellen: Stop with the Nice, eh

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