Hockey Bus Crash vs Cannibal Killer Bus

driver fatigue, ,distraction and the stereotypical self absorbed competing with every single thing in the environment

it was a traffic accident, and it is the mundane manner of death that the families will never get over

Just like Princess Diana.

Humboldt Broncos mother says truck driver that caused crash does not deserve forgiveness

Mother of athletic therapist on Broncos bus can't erase daughter's last moments

it was a vehicle crash nothing that was done on purpose

if it had been a mix of people instead of a hockey team, the coverage would have been different. the Greyhound Cannibal Killer should give people more concern.

they put him in therapy and gave him a bible, where all his delusional problems began. and now, he has been released

so a two vehicle crash vs murder and cannibalism

10 years after Greyhound beheading, family of victim and bystanders still suffering | CBC News

Canada cannibal says he believed victim was an alien

Victoria riles Alberta with support for oilpatch lawsuit

lets fight internally, eh.

Ancient moss reveals Arctic is hottest it's been in over 100,000 years
Glacier melt exposes plants frozen under Baffin Island ice for 40,000 years | CBC News

meanwhile, eh: the accidental unexpected death of family members, versus a random encounter and then, there is the targeting of demographics and individuals of it, eh.

Bruce McArthur: Toronto serial killer destroyed gay safe space – BBC …

Bruce McArthur: Toronto serial killer destroyed gay safe space …. Known as Skanda to his friends, the 40-year-old had moved to Canada from Sri Lanka in the …

Bruce McArthur: Canadian landscaper admits eight murders – BBC News

9 hours ago – Bruce McArthur: Canadian landscaper admits eight murders … For years, rumours of aserial killer stalking Toronto’s Gay Village has left the …

Bruce McArthur, Toronto’s Accused Landscaper Killer, Was Hiding in ……/toronto-serial-killer-bruce-mcarthur-accused-landscaper

For years, men had been disappearing without a trace from Toronto’s Gay Village. … Homicide is so rare in Canada that Kathy Gruspier, a 56-year-old single … in the press have been in a country where homicide is infrequent and serial killers …

2010–2017 Toronto serial homicides – Wikipedia–2017_Toronto_serial_homicides

Between 2010 and 2017 there was a series of disappearances of men in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. … McArthur is the most-prolific known serial killer in Toronto. … A few blocks north of where McArthur was working, a gay village was forming …

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