Gay for Pay vs Representation

No. queer is not the acting part, the character is. eh.

Caroline Evans

Thats the essence of acting though… pretending to be someone else in a convincing way. Jake Gyllenhall was straight irl in Brokeback mountain. This sounds like you’re descriminating against hets

nina tryggvason

a minority demographic asserting itself is not oppression of the majority.

representation matters and heteros need to understand a demographic identity is not the part being acted, the character of it is. Queer people need queer role models, and heteros have to learn they do not get to have all the jobs.

Caroline Evans9 hours ago

They dont get all the jobs lol the guy who played Barney in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was a QUEER guy playing a straight guy

nina tryggvason – Ownera few seconds ago

maybe you need to learn more about film and film history and not use such bland pop culture examples as if they negate a historic and well documented problem.

in fact, in the middle of all the articles about queer genocides and oppression in law and society, you want to argue for heterosexuals to play the few queer roles. what is wrong with you?

Adrian Cavanagh

I don’t have a problem with it personally. It’s acting. If a hetero actor is a better actor, then why shouldn’t he get the role over a gay actor who isn’t as good or vice versa if the gay actor is better. Either way to my mind gay roles in films are still highlighting different sexualities which can only be positive.

nina tryggvason

we are not at the point of there being enough queer actors, and casting, like jobs are rarely to the best qualified either. one cannot ignore the history and lack of representation either. there is no getting over it, when it is still occuring eh.

given how queer hollywood is, and the history of the celluloid closet there is no excuse other than the religious public having too much cultural influence, but worse in the halls of government.

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