LezFlirt 601? Unexpected New Chapter

I should probably continue with Lezflirt 501, the Suddenly Single – the divorced or died era of separation. eh. Post Property and Home Life, I stopped flirting because I had given up.

https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2015/05/17/understanding-rape-culture-101/Understanding Rape Culture 101 | Nina’s Soap Bubble Boxreligion: it’s a mental health issue – and primarily a male mental health issue. Pat Robertson: Second Hand Clothes Could Have DEMONS In Them! (video) Have you ever bought clothes from …dykewriter.wordpress.com

https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/lezflirt-motivational-message/Lezflirt Motivational message | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxAdvanced Flirting In flirting parlance, the Cruise of Death is a flirtation so beyond mere flirting that the target of the cruise feels like you’ve just had sex with them. It’s a combination of you…dykewriter.wordpress.com

https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2018/11/10/defining-lesbro/Defining “Lesbro” | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxThe word “Lesbro” is a term of friendzone affection between lesbians and heterosexual men. It is the complete opposite of the Fag/Fag Hag relationship. This is dedicated to the best Lesbro I ever h…dykewriter.wordpress.com

Lezflirt Masterclass: Flirting with Nina | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxWell, as a follow up to Nina: The Talking To towards With; FAQ   It’s become apparent that I … am blushing….. so I never expect to be flirted with and well. this video: &nbsp…dykewriter.wordpress.com

Lezflirt 101 | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxLezflirt 101: The Essentials Lezflirt: The Basics and Advanced Essentials Lezflirt Romances: Detective Style LezFlirt: Understanding Sex Appeal Rock n Roll; see also – sex The Dark Side of Sex: Can…dykewriter.wordpress.com

Lezflirt 201 | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxLezflirt 201: Game On Is She Flirty or Friendly? Flirting with Lesbian Cops A Short Story of unrequited hungering desire… a comedy, eh? LEZFlirt! REbooted Possibility To Thine Own Self, Be True: Pa…dykewriter.wordpress.com

Lezflirt 301 | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxLezflirt 301: Relationship Rodeo Preview: Lesbian Flirting Master Class Coaching Vs Teaching Lezflirt 301: Introduction to Love 101 Lezflirt 301: Give and Take within a relationship Never be shy to…dykewriter.wordpress.com

LezFlirt 401 | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxLezFlirt 401: masterclass These posts include a discussion or topics for consideration using examples of conversations that I have on line, which may or may not be flirting – it’s hard to know how …dykewriter.wordpress.com

Lezflirt 501 | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxLezflirt 501: Suddenly Single in mid-life – a Perspective Lezflirt: Pansexuality queer memes Racey Romance: Inter-Species LezFlirt: Enough with the Subtext People Hetero Vaginas Monolog, Lesb…dykewriter.wordpress.com

introducing Lez Flirt 601: The Married to Much Hotter: Unexpected Mid Life Problems, eh

meh, it settles the who’s the mary and who’s the rhoda, right away, eh.
50 – 22 = 28 plus a few months, eh

Inter-generational dating | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxWith more people over more generations alive and living in close proximity than at any other time in human history, the shortest span of the history of this planet, and nice be be the apex at the s…dykewriter.wordpress.com

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