Did I go too far today? Frack it, eh

homo sapiens is an oxymoron, eh


The commission says seven wells into the upper Montney formation had previously been drilled and completed by the Calgary-based company with no seismic events larger than magnitude 2.5 detected.

Understanding the link between fracking and earthquakes in northeastern B.C.
The immediate shutdown of operations is required when an induced seismic event in that region reaches or exceeds a 3.0 magnitude.


B.C. regulator says fracking caused earthquakes near Fort St. John | CBC News

Dear Evil Chipmunk

Your trip to India was pointless and embarassing

Mulrooney was the worst until Stephen Harper

and now, There is the would be you eh

Nina the Gen X Dyke From Canada, eh.


Scheer Says Justin Trudeau Is Most Divisive PM In Canada's History

‘When I’m Prime Minister…’: Stephen Harper’s press prediction

Posted on October 18, 2015by dykewriter

Once there was Media, then it became social. then.. there was Bill C51…. then there was mediums blanking and redacting messages…..

Stephen Harper Owes Nina Tryggvason $50

Posted on June 17, 2018by dykewriter

Originally posted on Nina’s Soap Bubble Box
?   Please tell Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper this; Text to copy and paste or use your own wording: http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/contact Dear PM Harper – Nina Tryggvason would make a better Prime…

Mr Harper – I had a house

Posted on October 30, 2015by dykewriter

Originally posted on Nina’s Soap Bubble Box
My parents become home owners when I was in high school. I became a home owner, as a government employee, but some one else lives in the house I put a 40…


Harper’s Crocodile Tears: A Monumental Disgrace To Canada.

Posted on October 19, 2015by dykewriter

Today, let’s prove to Harper and the world that Harper’s Canada is not our Canada. Source: Harper’s Crocodile Tears: A Monumental Disgrace To Canada.

Why Harper Must Go: Censoring Scientists

Posted on October 9, 2015by dykewriter

Originally posted on SINMANTYX
Since Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party won power in 2006, there has been a gradual tightening of media protocols for federal scientists and other government workers. Researchers who once would have felt comfortable responding freely…Posted in Zeitgeist Analytics1 Comment | Edit

Why Harper Must Go: Religious Pandering

Posted on October 9, 2015by dykewriter

Originally posted on SINMANTYX
Stephen Harper is from a Christian fundamentalist church. Unknown to most Canadians, the prime minister belongs to the Christian and Missionary Alliance, an evangelical Protestant church with two million members. Alberta, a petro state, is one…Posted in Zeitgeist AnalyticsLeave a comment | Edit

Harper quits politics

Posted on May 25, 2016by dykewriter

Kady O’Malley: Ethics regime set up under Harper’s tenure may follow former PM into his post-public life | National Post Canadian defence industry stands by controversial Saudi arms deal | Toronto Star LGBTIQ public servants demand apology for the Canadian … Continue reading →

Music to Our Ears: Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye, Stephen Harper.

Posted on October 17, 2015by dykewriter

On Oct. 19, vote for the candidate in your riding most likely to defeat Stephen Harper’s Conservative candidate. Source: Music to Our Ears: Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye, Stephen Harper.

Canada Election: Harper and The Ford Brothers

Posted on October 15, 2015by dykewriter

I am not surprised by Stephen Harper’s endorsement by the Ford Brothers. What does surprise me is Harper not wearing a suit. Not surprise more like they can;t think casual dress is going to soften his image towards approachability the … Continue reading →

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