Words and what they mean to people, eh

Nina From Canada, eh
+Max Gron atheism is the rejection of religion. claiming it is one, makes you not a credible commentor. you do not get to make up your own meaning, especially for a demographic you do not belong to. that is your wrongful belief and nothing to do with reality. religion is mental illness and it is decades beyond where it should have been in the diagnostic manual

you need to do less thinking, atheism is a moment, then, you have a life of your own. 

Max Gron
+MrSitemaster2 Yes atheism is really that simple, that’s not proof that the atheism I follow is simple, it’s not, I’ll explain: if anyone says there’s a God I will say that God isn’t transcendence, unity or a personal character, or that you need to check the history that it’s not importantly pragmatic and it’s even unnecessary to believe in a God, simple my arse!

+Alex Childress To have evidence of yourself that there’s no God you need to do a lot of thinking: it requires you to ask how you know and why there’s no God since naturally God-believing is what people do, it’s much harder if you sit and convince yourself there’s no God, simple as it is it was made for thinking, that’s why atheism is a philosophy, it’s not an ideology: a set of thinking, don’t think, they do all the thinking for you, it’s a philosophy: think, think, think, and I need to think more like you should, because thinkers are smarter than the non-thinkers, and relative and pragmatic atheism do more thinking than positive and gnostic atheism, I had to think in the toilet to conclude that I knew there are no gods, there’s not much understanding going on to know this, and I still have to think about it, only in a different way.
Alex Childress
+Max Gron You lost me at “evidence of yourself that there’s no God.” Nobody has evidence that there’s no god, just as nobody has evidence that there is any god. I’m not making a positive assertion that there’s no god. I just don’t have belief in any god.

Nina From Canada, eh
+Max Gron the atheism you follow? there is rejection of religion. sum total of atheism. anything else you are making up.Originally shared by Max GronAtheists have no proof, but they understand the truth since proof isn’t truth necessarily but belief without proof otherwise is invalid, the tools necessary for atheism: a lot of thinking to convert oneself to atheism, and reasons to not believe in any one god, that’s it really, atheism is thinking, it’s a philosophy of itself, it’s so. If “experience” of evil theism doesn’t convince you then do the thinking for hours on end, not sure of the proof, and you’ll become an atheist, that’s how atheism works! Furthermore atheism can solve problems, it can even be used for calmness of mind without a god, e.g. content that it’s not God or gods interfering with your life, like when you go in the backyard to relax and work on your literature you can thank the no-God that God isn’t out to get you!

Max GronI like to add atheism failed to be a non-religion, atheism is just the rejection of the belief in gods, it’s not necessarily antireligious, if I’m not a credible commentor then I’m not a free thinker but a philosopher, both the rational and irrational are true, but I follow more on the lines of rational/logical thinking, like that my brain may be in a jar, we will never know, since everyone but me is a zombie I rest my case when I say they have no consciousness and feel no pain, I did no harm, and furthermore that’s logic, furthermore your ridiculous blog doesn’t make you smarter than me, but I’m not going to jump to conclusions, I only know real truth and most people can’t take it so I went on the pessimist community and wrote what I needed to write about the crap of the universe, furthermore if more people cared what I believed in we will constructively form opinions like “I agree with you because there’s no gods” and leave it at that, we don’t need you because the You tends to not grasp subjective truth.

Nina From Canada, eh+Max Gron you’d still be wrong and just word wanking. “I only know real truth ” lol and eye roll..

Max Gron+Nina From Canada, eh Fuck you, you don’t think like me, I’ll leave every community that doesn’t think like me, be common you differing bastard! Fuck you!

Nina From Canada, eh+Max Gron unfuck you penis person who can’t cope that others exist and do not need your views.

Nina From Canada, eh+Max Gron boobs are bigger than balls, grow up whining baby.
and you claimed to be smart, eh

Max Gron+Nina From Canada, eh I know I’m smart.

Nina From Canada, eh+Max Gron well, you would think so, you know all you know and you have no idea how little that is and how smarter people than you can tell by the few words you post, all about you and no actual content.
but that is a deeper concept and too many words for you to grok.

finishing it, eh

the man posted 7 days ago that men are smarter than women and he was the smartest of men.

from another topic, eh

Addicted to Not Smoking+Alex Blue I was being sarcastic.

Nina From Canada, eh+Addicted to Not Smoking no, you were merely snide. sarcasm requires a painful truth, that chasm gap of understanding across the speaker and the target.

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1 Response to Words and what they mean to people, eh

  1. dykewriter says:

    updated to now include visual aids

    since women respond to text while men respond to visuals

    why women read erotica and men read porn

    even when it’s the same thing, eh


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