December 6: Off all the days to be let down by the Governor General, eh

O Canada, on the anniversary of one of our darkest days

Montreal Massacre 29-years later: Say their names. Remember. Take action. |

On December 6 every year, Canadians remember the 14 women killed for being women at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal on that day in 1989.

Nearly 30 years later, not much has changed. In 2017, 84 per cent of homicide victims in Canada killed by a current or former intimate partner were women. In the first eight months of 2018 alone, 106 women and girls were killed in Canada, primarily by men. Indigenous women and girls continue to be killed at a rate six times higher than others.

There are more than 550 women’s shelters and transition houses across the country for women and children fleeing violence, according to the Women’s Shelters Canada’s internal database. That may sound like a lot, but much more are needed. In Women’s Shelters Canada’s yearly reports, the turn away-rate for shelters has consistently remained at 70 to 75 per cent from 2014 to 2018 due to lack of capacity and resources.

Not Much Has Changed Since The Ecole Polytechnique Massacre (Blog)

In Memory

I was driving and heard part of the news report

I thought “where in the USA did that happen?”

then, the story repeated. Canada, Montreal.

I pulled off the road, turned off my vehicle and just cried.

The Agoraphobic Philosopher

Originally shared by Nina From Canada, eh

Dear Godbots: men do not get to rape and murder anyone they want for whatever lame reason and especially not


École Polytechnique massacre

the man walked into the classroom and ordered the male students out

when they left, he opened fire on the women

r/FlyingCircusOrchestra - Many on Reddit say to me Drum Corps is "Their Family" until they see this chart about how many reports of assault and abuse go unreported because of victims fearing repercussions if they report.

A White Man Threaten To Kill Me

CensorshipWatch: Yet Another Angry White Man Projects his Rape Fantasy

Humanism 101

5Removing the White Heterosexual Stigma Slur

Posted on December 5, 2018 by dykewriter

“Politically Correct” he coined the phrase “politically correct” to be a slur against white heteros who can work and play with people of demographic

Man vs Woman: Brains, Round Two

Stop Making White Embarassing: Can I Get a Hashtag

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