Salad Days of Dykedom

Hello Butches Femmes, Dykes and Lesbians, eh

I live in Canada, in Heteroburbia

and sometimes the world is just really queer eh

image by nina – seen at the mall today

How do they not get it?

Debbie Jones+1😀 the world is queer and all the better for it.

Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

Nina From Canada, eh I agree, eh. I’ve been out for since the 1990s, there is no door on my closet. I came out in first grade, but when I told my Mom I wanted to marry my teacher, she said women don’t do that. It was the 1970s. I can’t believe I did three years of post secondary and came out after.

horror movies are date movies, an excuse to clutch and grab on each other, eh.

movies with lesbians thrown in for titillation

rather than the lesbian made ones that take too long to lesbian, eh. Campbell and Denise Richards – The 20 Most Gratuitous Girl-on-Girl Scenes in Movies | Complex

Debbie JonesI will have to read this properly but so far I cant see a mention of Blue is the warmest color?

Nina From Canada, ehit is a list of movies that did not need a lesbian scene, and it was added on for non-plot reasons

so this should be the official lesbian bird?

Originally shared by Nina AnthonijszI always wondered about this..
“Fun Fact: A woodpecker’s tongue is so long that it wraps around its skull to protect its brain while it is hammering away at a tree or other hard surfaces. This, combined with other factors such as: super strong neck muscles, plates of spongey bone in the skull that act like a football helmet, and a very small amount of cerebrospinal fluid surrounding their brain, all help to stop a woodpecker scrambling its brain while pecking away with a force of over 1000g.”

Nina From Canada, eh+1+bernadette ring bwhaaaa lol eh.

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bernadette ring+1+Nina From Canada, eh Blimey I bet that comes in handy👅1d

Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

did you ever hear that joke from the 1990s: why do lesbians have their noses pierced? so they can breath during sex!1d

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Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

whatdo two femmes do in bed? each other’s make up10h

Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

what do two butches do? count ceiling tiles. 10h

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