Secret President Hillary Project

in the reality that I had hoped for, America moved forward from the first family of two terms that was scandal free, and returned dignity to the office of the president.

crime states: republicans 144 indictements, 93 convictions, 34 prison sentences (so far
democrats 5 criminal indictments, 3 convictions and 3 prison sentences.

President Hillary Rodam Clinton, in my fantasy America 2018 would be celebrating the ratification of the ERA – Equal Rights Amendment for Women, who would finally have equal rights in law, rather than a patchwork of unevenly and rarely applied other corrective legislation.

While preparing for an historic apology to Japan for the two nuclear bombs, in order to ensure that this was very much a weapon of last restort so unthinkable, it would not happen again.

Why Clinton was Failed

with trade deals and nuclear treaties signed, the matter of biochemical and sonic/microwave weapons and maintaining a war free zone in space, with a real space force created for asteroid defence

and a global climate change warning system, with response teams, a professional standing disaster response and crisis team

The State of Global Disaster Monitoring and Warnings is not yet Star Trek

with aid and relief, safe from exploitation by providers

that parachute drop or maybe drones who are not going to use the children as soldiers or for sex.


Landmines kill almost hourly – let’s end their brutal scourge for good

The Guardian-Sep. 6, 2018A deadly legacy of war, they can remain for decades in the ground, long … killed or injured by landmines or unexploded bombs – nearly one an hour … will rid the world of this horrific weapon, protecting people, freeing land, …

Oxfam was told of aid workers raping and sexually exploiting children

The Independent-Feb. 16, 2018Aid agencies including Oxfam were warned that aid workers were sexually … It identified “every kind of child sexual abuse and exploitation imaginable”, … by Oxfam staff that has sparked national outcry and demands for change. … she added, saying the report sparked meetings and reforms within the UN.

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2 Responses to Secret President Hillary Project

  1. dykewriter says:

    Nina From Canada, eh
    +Joan Poh +Nora Qudus +Mary Zary

    Nina From Canada, eh
    and this is what a person using rights properly looks like. speaking truth to power, not oppressing groups of people.

    V Kristina
    Hello how are you?
    I hope you are fine my dear friend.
    Which nuclear boom, was it in 1945. Long time ago still considered to ask Apology?

    Nina From Canada, eh
    the japan two drops, yes, they are the other part of what it is that we are supposed to not forget #LestWeForget

    V Kristina
    Wow. Thats great, my country Got our Independent because our National Revolutioner horoes proclaim Independent day at time Japan Colonialism shocked due to nuclear boom.

    Nina From Canada, eh
    no, this is a pretend thing, what I imagined that Hillary could have done, Trump is president of the USA.


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