LezFlirt 601 Midlife Single

It is difficult to meet pleasant and datable people.

but, today, I tried.

so, I am continuing with the LezFlirt International portion of this blog; with this The Raw Recovery Specialist Post.

a double agoraphobic outing day

Today, I did a mall walk with my Mom and at the food fair, got a wheat grass and pineapple shot.

then, I went by myself across the hated Patullo Bridge, which should be shut down, before it falls down eh. to the New Westminster Quay market.

Where, a week ago, I thought a woman operating one of the businesses had crossed the customer service to actually flirting.

So, dressed normally, I went over to the Quay and wandered the first floor, getting my courage up.

The wafted smoke scent of the reup bbq cafeteria style service was good, but I wasn’t tempted, owing to a years ago experience with the original Street Cart of it in Vancouver. The owner was unwilling to explain the name, other than to suggest a tv show, in which I had no interest. Plus, it’s propane and I am a BBQ snob, charred oak or coal, not briquettes only.

Anyway, I dropped by the chocolate place, for a sample and I wanted to get a coffee so I could causally stroll by the particular shop I wanted to return to.

I was hungry too, so I walked around the stalls, the place was busy, as there was a festival of tent sales and music outside. But less for food, by the line ups.

At one place, they offered free coffee samples with grilled sandwiches for sale. I just can’t pay more than five dollars for something that I could, make for myself at home, on par quality. Avocado toast is delicious, but not 6.50 worth.

Without buying anything, I just went up the second floor. I slowly meandered to the store.

She wasn’t there.

I had not practiced or considered that. Shifting to lighter chit chat with the woman who was, I determined there were 4 who worked the shop.

After a few minutes, I left the shop and my stomache dropped from my throat to my my bottom, so I decided to get a bbq anyway, a carnivore consolation.

but, that years old annoyance, so I left, walked the blocks back to the parkade, where I had paid more hours than I was going to now use, drove off.

I went up the street to one of the few no right turn corners in New Westminster, had to drive across to the closed block parking lot, turn around, come back to the intersection on the other side of where I had been, to make a left, down Royal and back to the feared Patullo, which should be closed, eh. Anyway.

Home again, and an outing for another day, eh.

I did see a lesbian couple at the quay, in the chocolate shop, so next time, I take a queer book and a seat, with food purchase.
The Raw Recovery Specialist

special callout to Joan and Butch Babe for the support in this adventure

because tomorrow, I am going to Vancouver, and there’s a gelato shop on commercial drive that I had gotten an invite to at a coffee shop on that street.

The Agoraphobic Philosoper

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10 Responses to LezFlirt 601 Midlife Single

  1. butch babe says:

    Absolute pleasure to help. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good luck hun.


  2. I hope you’re going back again! Good luck.


  3. Nina, I cannot even begin to remember how I first got to see your blog, not that it matters anyway.
    I do remember that I was struck by how much effort you put into your posts, how much research you obviously do, and how passionate you are in your thinking. It impressed me then, and still does. I dip in occasionally, some posts I read every link, others I skim, but all, I enjoy. Sometimes I’m missing for ages!
    I admire your free spirit, your relationship with your Mom, the fact that you have tried your best throughout your life to make a difference, despite society making it difficult.
    I think if I lived down the road from you we may have been good friends, despite the age difference!

    Now get out there and chase this delicious lady.

    Liked by 1 person

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