Dali Lami Ding Dong

Nina K Tryggvasonit is nice quote from a guy who took CIA money for violence in Tibet, when he was not in charge of it anymore. 6h

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Haitham AliHe believes in religion , Buddha , reincarnation and tell us it doesn’t matter !!!! what a mess .4h

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Nina K Tryggvason+Haitham Ali well, at least reincarnation means he’s planning to come back to deal with the environment, eh.

The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan 
Walk into a Bar

Words and Soundalike Words, geesh

ReligionWatch: The Pope vs Dali Lama

ReligionWatch: The Dali Lama Karma Ding Dong

Heroines: Madaline Murray O’Hair

Nina K TryggvasonI don’t notice that Anne Coulter, who says women shouldn’t vote, has any man to eat her proverbial sandwich, I guess she shouldn’t be out in public taking away a job from any man who could be being paid more.

Men vs Women: The Genitalia War Continues

men vs women: politics and religion

Men vs Women: Because Babies

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https://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2018/09/08/religious-education-should-re-branded-religion-andworldviews/Religious Education should be re-branded as ‘Religion and Worldviews’ to ensure survival, report says

Nina K Tryggvason+1+Gord Davison religion is more art and histrionics than history and science, eh. 4d

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Gord Davison+Nina K Tryggvason Basically, yes, even though that was not what the writings were intended for, sort of like Greek Mythology.

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Nina K Tryggvason+1+Gord Davison yup. Joseph Campbell Greek 101 coffee table edition. I prefer asop’s fables.. they are more relevant.

Hi Group,

There have been many studies going back into the 1980s on gay and lesbian parenting. so let me summarize

involved parents have children who thrive better than absent or abusive ones.

Nina the Canadian Gen X Dyke.

https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2018/08/study-shows-lesbian-moms-raise-children-just-healthy-mixed-gender-parents/Study shows lesbian moms raise children just as healthy as mixed-gender parents

upcoming internet news: Because blasphemy is duty were not punishable by death.


Sunday, September 30th is

Jay Vollmer+2Just a week or so after International Talk Like a Pirate Day and one week before Zombie Appreciation Day. I love the holidays1h

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Nina K Tryggvason+1I think the godbots are active, I just got a google suspension warning.

I reported and blocked a few porn bots, and google just issued me a suspension warning.. is that how the google community standards work in web 3.0?

Alex Grossman+Nina K Tryggvason It is how it is supposed to work. I always do the same as time permits (meaning when I get time to read the comments on my threads). It could be that the person managing the bots chose to report you for revenge. I don’t get those warnings, i’m sure, because i’m reporting comments on my own threads. That doesn’t mean it’s right or that you should stop, just trying to explain what may have taken place here. +Google+ should look into this.

Nina K Tryggvason+Alex Grossman I tried once before to get assistance in there, and frankly, it was worse than the trolls. they claim “policy” but can’t cite specific policy and deemed that a sufficient reply.

so what that means is that google goes by mere report without consideration of content, which makes me wonder why they bother with reporting categories. I wonder if they report the pedophile reports to the police agencies. or what are they doing to the posts that include violence threats or suicide counselling. which are the other posts that I have been reporting

Happy 20th Birthday Google

Dealing with Trolls on Google #

Dead Dude Debate on Google

WTF Google?

#%^$& Google

Pointless Google Appeals

Google the User Service

Google Blocking Access Again

Google is Discriminatory

Posted on August 20, 2016 by dykewriter

all of my comments were deleted by Google Moderators: G+ Collections Help 4h what is the point of constant warnings without identifying WHICH Post so I can remove it? Warning Your content has recently violated our policies. Facilitating the sale … Continue

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2 Responses to Dali Lami Ding Dong

  1. dykewriter says:

    because we are 20 years behind where we should be, given the best practices that we do know scientifically and socially eh. 26 nations were people like us don’t get executed for having a demographic, as the righteous wing cries about identity politics. As if the personal is not political ,eh.


  2. dykewriter says:

    Nina K Tryggvason
    and no person’s ideology removes, reduces, denies or delays, other people having rights, otherwise we need to admit rights are not real.

    Alex Blue

    Unless they are tyrannical and dogmatic; like how it is in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim dominated countries.

    you are factually correct, I failed to frame it as an ideal, if rights actual had meaning comment.



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