the 1980s was the decade the KKK switched

the south switched to the republican party in the 1980s under reagan
that is why the KKK left the Democrats they started in two decades before.After Elvis Presley taught white teenagers to not be afraid of their fellow Americans.the republicans convinced those who had benefited from the New Deal that the Democrats now cared more about wildlife and the environment more than resource extraction workers, the companies operating the said company town, one owes one’s soul to, as the 1930s depression era song wentas if the Republican party cares about anyone under the board, CEO and major stockholders.beware anyone who thought Wall Street or any Micheal Douglas movie was admirable. or thinks Ayn Rand was valid, she is religion’s favorite atheist because she was good with being greedy, and the actual secular community do let religion have her, because, every group as their bad eggs, eh.

three wives and draft dodger too, from the patriot family values party
idea of conservative is from conservation, keep as much untouched for future generations
it is about the environment
#PeopleNotProfits  and #PeopleNotProfits
enough to get them to vote him in?

he is literally provoking civil unrest and mistrust between people who vote in the same election, who tell the world they have the best form of government, and this is the example being set, eh?so most Americans are armed against their government and each other

and free speech has long changed from talking to bullet points, with 3d blueprints, once a proof of concept for a patent of copyright is now also free speech

so I guess the music and movies studios have a problem bigger than #MeToo

+Joan Poh +Alex Blue +bernadette ring

Shhh! Are you crazy? You want us to dismantle our tote-bag launchers now just ’cause you can’t keep your yap shut?
+Jay Vollmer don’t blame me, Midler gave the plan away. I totally blame Micheal J Fox for this, Family Ties indeed. it was a pre Stephen Colbert character really, eh.
there was even a song warning!

Nina K Tryggvason

how is he deemed an adult without understanding criminal assault concepts?

Chasbo Daniels

I hate to broadly generalize, but Maine is well-stocked with ignorant and backwards thinkers.
This guy is nothing more than a hillbilly with a nice suit.

Nina K Tryggvason
you kept it regional, when you could have done it nationally or globally even.

Chasbo Daniels
Oops, my bad. There are backwards dipshits everywhere, unfortunately.

He’s a 3rd rate political activist and member of Maine’s House. He supports the absolute nut job Governor Paul LePage, and both have made anti-gay remarks and ignorant jabs at a woman’s right to choose.
(It’s Inbreeding.)

James Benson

Or it is a takeover of the human species by aliens. Things like that are clearly not human!

Nina K Tryggvason
many humans are psycho/sociopathic, most are CEOs not serial killers; who at least give personal attention to their victims, eh. The Climate has changed, and we all breath the same air and drink the same water, and in 2018, we should have already converted to solar, wind and ocean wave energy; not to mention geothermal. Morrocco has the solar and Iceland the mid Atlantic rift


the war on christmas

see also:

the internet gave disabled people new social access

as far back as web 1.0… now in web 3.0 it is amazing

what could be done to include people

Do you remember this?

yes, it was a brick and almost every conversation on it went like this “Yeah, I am calling you from a cell phone….yeah, I got a cell phone and am calling you from the street. .. totally”

the shut in stand up

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