the generation gap resolution

Hehe, i get to meet the kids from my friends, there’s some smart cookies among them.

A great difference is that the next generation gets used to diversity at a younger age (at least, over here).

There’s still hope, as long as they can survive us…

yes, I have to say talking to younger adults is funny.

they know they are adults, but they have that new adult smell

I was at the UBC campus explaining to two students from India who were using the word “colonialism” too hard, did not know what to make of my saying that India was in the common wealth before Canada was a country, and as a country its a year younger than street lamps.

I also was glad that the John A MacDonald statue in BC was taken down and put into storage until a contextualizing plaque can be determined and Ontario was told they could not have it, eh.

and this week, my university day documentation and career aspirations, are being donated to the lesbian archive at SFU!

amazing day today. now I don’t even have to transfer the cassettes!

now that’s a project problem solved.

Congratulations on a job well done, now you have a legacy (and a decent one, at that)!

I have also realized that I have a more significant donation

than cassettes and newspapers, I have photographs and vhs tapes

and I can be recorded as the oral history to contextualize the materials.

better in a collection to be researched, than on a shelf.

lost for direction, return to grassroots

I have nicely resolved my existential crisis too

The world is a chaotic and non-linear place, the only temporary constant is your own self-awareness.


Given that I am torn between how funny and profound that is

You told me when I most needed it,

thanks for being in the right place and moment

nina the gen x dyke from canada, eh


Thanx mate, bask in yer glory… 😉

I have been preparing in 30 second sound bytes for my 15 minutes

stepping into that spotlight is a lot more challenging than I anticipated

but I am not coddling those who would rain on my parade anymore

Gay Latino Trump supporter brandishes knife at Kathy Griffin show. Says he’s the victim.

No matter which extreme one is on – they vilify and criticize the opposite side. I ignore it.

I guess that is why these things don’t pass

Lest We Forget

Unfortunately it seems to have become our (hateful) national passtime. Unlike spectator sports – everyone can participate in it instead of just cheering for one side.

it’s funny, when I saw Kathy Griffin in Canada,

I almost heckled her, well, interrupt more like

she was making fun of a news caster over how she pronounced the name of the child as “kill ee” instead of Caylee (that Florida Anthony mother murder case)

on the day the child’s body was found

and apparently Griffin hadn’t checked the news before her shows.

but I didn’t want to throw her off the routine or upset the canadian audience or start anything, I just wanted to see a comedy show and there needed to be more comedy content

Look! As much as I uphold Kathy Griffin’s “right” to do what she did – even as a terrified opponent of Trump (who I voted for), I hold her personably responsible for that (“Freedom of speech” be damned – there are moral limits) – just like those exceeded by Danish cartoonists. Persons of conscience know what that limit is, and anyone that ventures beyond it – richly deserves whatever negative consequences accrue. In my opibion – Kathy Griffith should not be allowed to board any commercial airline flight. (And I am HIGHLY criical that a “No Fly” list exists.)


you don’t understand that no fly lists exist?

Kathy Griffith is a talk show host and comedian Kathy Griffin has not crimed and does not merit having her freedom of movement limited in any manner.

Blasphemy is duty where not punishable by death

#JeSuisCharlie #FreeRaif #IdleNoMore

Of course I know about NoFly Lists. What you say about crime is correct – but it’s not necessary to commit a crime to get on the list. (And not all peope who have committed crimes are on the list.) It is enough to be considered a public threat. Anyone sick enough to do what she did – obviously has extremely poor judgment and is unreliable. (What might she think would be funny to do to a planeload of people?) I don’t like Trump, either – but that was a direct threat and she should have gone to prison for a few months to give her some time to improve her attitude and be an example to anyone else that might be thinking of some outrageous stunt like that

Kathy Griffin is a comedian. she did a comedy commentary, she obviously does not pose an actual threat, nor does she have a following with a history of acting out violently on her words.

unlike politicans, and in particular Trump, who should be banned by platform user agreements, never mind actual international law about cyberbullying.

During Obama’s administration regular Americans hung him in effigy.

Obama had more actual death threats made to the government than any other president and probably a few combined.

your under reaction to the real world republican harm and over reaction to a comedian is telling.

Yeah! Disqus moderators shouldn’t allow any opinions that disagree with a majority. I just happen to be in favor of a higher standard of decency and taste where regard for POTUS is concerned. Pardon Me. I daresay that the Obama administration probably did have more threats in 8 years – than the Trump admin has had in less than 2 – years (but let’s not be too reasonable about it).

if the majority rules, LGBTQ2 will be genocided

censorship is not the solution,

opinions are subject to the idea marketplace.

and while the right to one and expressing it is equal, depending on geography and demographics, anyway

the actual content of thought matters

and alternative to facts and objective reality, are not valid opinions

thus, don’t have to be deemed so

I can’t argue with a single line of that. (With the caveat that the “content of thought” is often only a matter of bias and perception. I commonly find myself in awkward debate because I agree with someone – for the “wrong” reasons.). Sorry!

no worries. but content of thought is actually less subjective than you realize

there is a difference between a personal opinion and an educated understanding and the professional expert analysis.

the mistake people make is from personal views and not understanding or recognizing the other two types.

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