The Internet on the State of Public Education

children can’t learn hungry or afraid, or without supplies, meanwhile, let’s spend all the education budget on keeping religion out of the classrooms – where I should clarify it does not belong at all in public school, religion wastes money resisting schools also teaching children to learn and play well with each other, something parents continue to be unable to do, those who bullied the now adults in school were warned, that they would teach their children to bully any that we LGBTQ had.
Tom Daley hits back at those who ask why he and Dustin chose surrogacy over adoption. ‘You wouldn’t say that to a straight couple’. Tom Daley has hit out at people who ask he and husband Dustin Lance Black why they chose to have a baby via surrogacy over adoption. In a new interview the Olympic diver points out that people ‘wouldn’t say that to a straight couple.’ Speaking to The Telegraph, Tom explained: ‘Lots of people say, “why don’t you adopt?”. You wouldn’t say that to a straight couple. You wouldn’t say: “Why do you deserve to have a biological kid?”‘ Read more at:
Tom Daley hits back at those who ask why he and Dustin chose surrogacy over adoption
Nina Notes, some people want to have their own, others are willing to just have a kid to raise. people need to respect others choices, eh.

There have been many studies going back into the 1980s on gay and lesbian parenting. so let me summarize

involved parents have children who thrive better than absent or abusive ones.

Nina the Canadian Gen X Dyke.

Customers Rally After Yelp Reviewer Calls Cafe’s Gay Pride Flag ‘Disgusting’. “After seeing the rainbow flag in the window, I’ve had it with this place and have thrown in the towel.” An anti-gay review on Yelp that called a restaurant in Dorchester, Massachusetts “absolutely disgusting and unacceptable” prompted other customers to voice their support for the cafe. The review of Zia Gianna Bakery and Caffe, owned by Nino Barbalace, has since been removed from Yelp. But Barbalace reposted it on his restaurant’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. Read more at:
Customers Rally After Yelp Reviewer Calls Cafe's Gay Pride Flag 'Disgusting' | HuffPost
Nina Notes that feeble excuse shows they are just a hater seeking justification, not a open minded person with an actual reason
Threatening violence based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation will see offenders jailed for up to three years under new laws in New South Wales.  Read more at:
Threatening violence against gay, intersex person could mean jail
Nina notes uttering threats is criminal conduct and it’s ridiculous the law has to make a list.
bigotry never stops at one or two demographics, and this ruling is overdue
Most Russians think there’s a secret LGBT group trying to undermine their society
So, they don’t want us near them, but they can’t leave us alone
won’t stop thinking about us, and won’t let us live without themyeah, tell us again how securely heterosexual that is.
Apology Fatigue?

Christie Blatchford: Sorry, but I’ve had enough of saying sorry | National Post
the apologizes stop when there is

truth, reconciliation and compensation,

then everyone can move forward, until then,

these history issues remain unresolved and remain modern era problems,

I mean, just look at the USA, eh.

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