Amazing Outing Today

Today I went to Vancouver to meet with friends I made on the internet.

Granville Island |

Public Market | Granville Island

Secrets of Granville Island | Tourism Vancouver, BC

We had coffee and pastry at Granville Island; lunch at my fave Vancouver eatery, where I enjoyed my fave tan tan noodles and pork chop; and my companions enjoyed an array of dim sum, and I indulged in a delightful custard steam bun adorably shaped as a pig face with ears and snout a cheerful yellow and the custard inside a deep orange.


Chongqing is the best quality szechuan style Chinese food in Vancouver.

also at granville island market we spent time watching the river traffic of small ferries and various sized paddle boats.

and some time at the water feature near the crystal ark behind the kids market where I photographed some ducks, a pidgeon and a heron.

I say photographed because I have done film photography, early digital mimicked that, but this is more scanning and imaging with what was once telephones, that blurred with PDAs, and are now capable of navigation and even telescopic and medical devices. eh. I use mine for texts, wordpressing, the camera, and flashlight mostly.

I was relieved to get a parking space close to the kid’s market, and surprised it took five vehicles before one noticed all they had to do was stop and they’d have a prime space. I saw a passenger frantically point, so I smiled and waved, and backed out, through the maze of streetish with pedestrians meandering, which, as I had recently been one of them, I could hardly complain.

I stopped the vehicle before the woman and her two tweenaged sons with husband in tow stepped onto the roadway.

“Wow, so that’s what everyone is responsible for me, but me looks like.”

I had stepped out a couple of times, thinking the drivers had seen me, t not really making eye contact either to confirm, while meandering through a different looking than the last time I vaguely remembered being there way.

and then, once out of the market, and through Vancouver, I dropped them at Metrotown in Burnaby.Returning to my suburb over the Fraser River.

With a brand new shirt, that seriously, I can be dressed up

I spilled soup on me, so can’t take me anywhere.

The Raw Recovery Specialist

The Agoraphobic Philosopher

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5 Responses to Amazing Outing Today

  1. butch babe says:

    Sounds like an absolutely fantastic day. With amazing company and great food.


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