Foodie Review: The Chopped Leaf


Today I did an hour’s mall walk at the City Centre Mall in Surrey, then drove to New Westminster, where I brunched at Westminster Centre at a salad bar called The Chopped Leaf.

I waited at the table, while my two Boomer brunchees placed their order. One order was up before they left the till, but I had no idea what they had ordered and he had no excuse to not know who didn’t order, we were the only ones there without food already, but he was just following the shopper/local worker lunch service routine, this being a work day and not a usual brunch day for most people; and for most people, salad as the meal isn’t either, eh?

This was amusing to me, so I advised, “It’s probably hers, but I don’t know what she ordered.”

“Oh,” He said, dropping from young perky cute to bored, he put the bowl back on the waiting pick up area and just stood there.

He got perky cute again when my person was halfway back, so she was still getting her order before she returned to the table, credit for speedy in any event.

Its a millennial restaurant and we were two boomers and Gen X me.

The three different salads enjoyed were fresh, filling and entirely flavorful. Nor were they vegetarian. Although those are good meals to enjoy across the week for food variation.


Welcome to The Chopped Leaf – Fresh & Healthy Food Delivered Fast

Our goal is fast, fresh and healthy food delivered with exceptional timeliness for premium customer service. Raising the bar for fast food everywhere.


PANORAMA VILLAGE. Location. Street: #100 – 15161 56 ave …

Morgan crossing, south surrey



BRICKYARD. Location. Street: #116, 17433 Highway 10; City …


NEW WESTMINSTER CENTRE. Location. Street: 531 Sixth St …


Our menu is a casual lifestyle concept that provides …


SCOTT 72 SHOPPING CENTRE. Location. Street: 7227 – 120 …
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