Representative Role Models and Real world impact

If you need positive discrimination to land yourself a role, then you need to think of a new career.
I’m sure Jack auditioned for this role and landed it based on talent. Equality means equal treatment.

says the demographic who can’t compete without unfair advantage

and gets all false equivalence when this is pointed out

the oppressor and the oppressee are not on equal footing

Pence whined that there were 12 queer of 240 of the team usa was too many

First I’m from the UK, so I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Secondly I don’t have an advantages. Far from it.
Thirdly, you know nothing about me, or the demographic you think I fill 🙂

youtube “Yes minister, positive discrimination”

What’s ridiculous is thinking that a movie studio needs to speak to the Human Rights Commission before casting their movie. There’s no reason whatsoever why straight actors can’t play gay characters and vice versa.

lgbtq needs role models, real ones

that’s why

We need real role models; atheletes, scientists, politicians. Not made up characters.

We have role models.

too few and far between

we are a community that consumes its leaders

That’s silly and untrue.

how many community volunteer groups have you been in?

where they majority rule or consensus decision driven?

with how many chair rotations for representation across the grassroots group?

jocks are little different than music or actors

curious you’d favor the traditional bully group

over the theatre types were LGBTQ stereotypically thrive

So you’re in favour of discrimination? Interesting.

you misunderstand what discrimination is

how pale male boring

Im pretty sure I’ve got the definition down, thanks though.

Also not pale 😉 and please don’t assume my gender.

standing up for minorities is not discrimination against the majority

you’re indulging in false equivalency and ignoring history

while failing to understand truth and reconciliation

‘Standing up’ for anyone and giving them an advantage is discrimination, i think its actually the dictionary definition.

Jack is whatever sexuality he is, the charcater is gay. Jack is a talented actor and a little effeminate anyway (again, sorry jack). A gay actor should not be handed the role simply because they are gay. I would never accept a job that was handed to me, or treated my favourably, just beacuse I’m a homo! Would you?

You make no sense at all. Giving people opportunities that have been historically deprived of them is not discrimination. It’s called providing equal opportunity. People still have to meet merit requirements, so it’s not like people are getting by without hard work (at least, not the ones who have been deprived). I don’t know what library you got your dictionary out of!

No one has said gay people didn’t have the opportunity to audition?!

you are the one pretending casting or hiring is about merit or qualification.

you’re incorrectleveling the playing field is not discrimination, it is the affirmative corrective action, a social choice to not discriminate anymorefurther, dictionary meanings have no authority, they merely collect common usage and proved it when the word literally now includes the meaning of figuratively via misuse.

so, you don’t understand dictionaries as you benefit from the actual discrimination that is both systemic and social, and which, you are trying to protect because you’re a boring pal male no one wants to interact with, and you don’t get that from your in person and online experiences

You really need to stop using stereotypes.

Gay athletes show tremendous courage coming, as they face a lot of criticism from fellows athletes and even fans. It shows immense courage to still be yourself in the face of this. That’s the type of role model I would want for my child, and indeed something I try to embody myself.

I also mentioned scientists and politicians….

Are you done trying to be an antagonist yet? Lol

on an article about a hetero playing a queer movie character

you’re being a jock

you lack an irony metre

Why am I a jock? HAHA I LOVE that you called me a jock haha!! God you just love your stereotypes don’t you.

Im probably the furthest thing from a jock there is lol.

Anyway, you’re wasting my time (I mean that nicely) with your trolling and desire to find something else to get offended at. Go enjoy your life 🙂 bye bye

Anyway, you’re wasting my time (I mean that nicely) with your trolling
and desire to find something else to get offended at. Go enjoy your life
🙂 bye bye

Hey, get your own material!!

indeed, hardly a surprise you don’t enjoy your own words or being treated as you behave towards others,

so let’s get really real world

given that western governments are telling refugees that they are not gay enough, how are heterosexuals supposed to know anything about actual queers in their own culture, when they never see them?

if you are not a jock, but are just a jock supporter beta or charlie male given you support science and politics, perhaps you might understand the connection between life and art now?

That has absolutely nothing to do with it, at all.

Im not a ‘jock’ or ‘jock supporter’?…. you seriously need to stop making assumptions about me and trying to stereotype me with destructive labels.

The end of this discussion is that a heterosexual auditioned for the part of a gay character and got the role. It wasn’t handed to him. The most talented actor was given the role based on ability. The actors sexuality did not factor. Which is exactly what equality means.

As a gay man, I’m telling you there are role models out there for young gay men to aspire towards in EVERY area which they may show an interest in.

I won’t be replying to you again as you don’t listen 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend, try to wake up and see good in the world where it exists, instead of waking up and thinking ‘hmmm what can I be offended by today?’

“As a gay man, I’m telling you

I won’t be replying to you again as you don’t listen :-)”

you do tell, your lack of understanding the connection between heterosexual government employees and others in society and their stereotypes, as you defend heteros representing queers in entertainments.


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