Allies: The Discrimination Barrier


An LGBTQ political party is starting in Israel. Would one work in the U.S.?

from “instinct magazine”

Pennsylvania Establishes Nation’s First LGBTQ Commission
Victor M Rocha | August 12, 2018

On Monday, Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor, Tom Wolf, created the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ+ Affairs through an executive order. In a press release, Tom Wolf said:

“The creation of the commission on the LGBTQ Affairs is one step of many we have taken to ensure obstacles are removed for anyone who is facing an unfair disadvantage based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression. It’s a step we took together with our stakeholder and advocacy groups and one that those involved asked for- a commission to help coordinate and drive statewide equality efforts.”

LOL! And Trump has just issued an EO authorizing Federal Contractors to fire LGBT employees based upon religious belief. That will supercede any State protection from discrimination.

yes, these things do not pass

we’ve seen it how many times

since the one we were lest to not forget?

What the LGBTQ party needs is to be allied with the Democrats. It shouldn’t be a permanent alliance, but I can’t see the Republicans being liberal enough (even in the distant future). In truth, the Republicans, as they’re currently constituted, may not survive Trump, and I can’t see the LGBTQ party being strong enough to stand on its own any time soon. The alliance is the only viable first step. We’ll have to see what becomes of the burned out Republicans… RobtheElder

with any luck they won’t

but the planet will

crimes against humanity should be part of the charges

not to mention, obstruction of justice by the republicans for two years under Obama with ending the rule of law under trump for the supreme court.

Too True! Sadly – Trump seems to be destroying the Republican party. Frankly, I’m astonished by the amount of (suicidal) support the Republicans still have in the LGBT, Black, and Atheist communities. Even if by some coincidence the U.S. economy and position in the world is restored (or even substantially improved) minorities (especially LGBT and Atheists) are clearly planned to be 2nd or 3rd-class citizens – who will have to compete for the crumbs and left-overs. Somehow – the Democrats get blamed for the class-conflict – while it’s Republican policies that create and exploit it. The overt Trump Administration attack on Constitutional principles and protections is unprecedented in history. (A Radical re-interpretation of the 1st Amendment alone.)

I think it’s great he is bringing down the GOP.

and that is the best summary of their plan

I might have to copy and paste that to all the

Log Cabin Republicans, run of the mill American net trolls and the russian trolls who seek to gaslight, Godbots or Glandbots, trolls are trolls with pretty much the same talking points

that North American Pale Male Syndrome, eh?

Sunshine is the best Sanitizer

Operation Paperclip informs

Lest We Forget.

I am a 50 year old Canadian Gen X Dyke and have been an atheist since I was 12.

Pinkwashing. Israel’s alleged “tolerance” of LGBTQIA people is only for show. The goal is to make LGBTQIA people hate muslims.

That is partially true. What the Zionists have done to the Palestinians would not be tolerated aganst Christians anywhere else in the world, and it is very important for Israel to keep playing the “victim” in the world and distracting world thought from noticing or thinking about that. All the western aggression against the Muslim world during the past 70 years (especially the last 30) has been done exclusively for the benefit of the Israelis – and it is vital for Israel to perpetuate that. Exaggerating Islam’s homophobia is an important strategy. (One would think that gay Muslims are lynched routinely and daily in 3 or 3 of the most radical Muslim countries – while in fact it happens more commonly (if less spectacularly or controversially) in religiously moderate and LGBT-tolerant “Christian” ones.) In the USA the law enforcement and justice communities are very reluctant to recognise “Hate Crimes” against the LGBT community – even tho there can be no other credible designation.

Israel has PTSD from WW2, so little wonder they have complex

that said, Muslim theocratic nations oppress women as well as LGBTQ

so what Muslim theocracy are you suggesting is not as bad?

Every Muslim nation is not a theocracy. In fact: Some of the antagonism between leaders of Muslim countries is because some more fundamentalist ones consider others to be entirely too liberal and progressive. I’ve lived in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia. Tunisia is barely entited to be called “Muslim”, Libya was very progressive, and Egypt was no more “Muslim” – than the USA is “Christian”. Somalia was only nominally Muslim before the USA destroyed it, and Iraq was constitutionally Secular under Saddam Hussein. It’s my understanding that Algeria is quite liberal – but I’ve never officially been there. In short: I could happily live in any of the N. African Muslim countries – even as a (more or less) apostate Muslim. If one knows the DETAILS of reported incidents coming out of Muslim countries – there’s usually more smoke than fire. If a person who is gay happens to be executed for a serious crime – it is interpreted here that it was because he was gay. When in fact he committed a capital offense that he would have been executed for here in most states in the USA. It’s called “spin” – and we are so familiar with it in our own news media – we should certainly know how it works.

your experience is impressive and your perspective is informative, thank you.

as far as I was aware, Turkey was the only secular one with a population majority appearance of church and state; and they’ve just voted for more dictatorship.

that said, I have only ever lived in Canada, so my
experience of these other regions is limited to the various people I
have met who live around the world and moved to Canada.

to qualify my statement, I consider America to be a Christian theocracy now; and they are doing what they claim Muslim theocracies do, the republicans broke the supreme court and are ignoring the rule of law and government norms.

but we do live in interesting times, Russia has a Tsar, China a Permanent Chairman

and since 1985, Canada’s charter was the template for emerging nations, as much as I did not expect marriage equality in my lifetime, Canada world staging is a lot more exciting. eh

The reality is that Israeli society is very tolerant, and Muslim societies are not.

publicly existing and getting to participate like this is more than most nations allow

jew, christian and muslim are the same religion

lest we forget

EXACTLY! In all the most objectionable aspects – they are identical. Different traditions that are based upon those fundamentals are conveniently ignored by one – at the expense of another. (This is prbably for the better – because as religion loses its power to enslave the imaginations and emotions of most of the world, the 3 Abrahamic religions may be forced to bury the hatchet and ally together. The longer they can be kept hating and antagonizing each other – the better for the science and reality-driven segment of human society.)

with america’s embassy move to Jerusalem

the 9/11 payback is complete in Crusade 2.0 the nuclear era edition

so the internet is not making people atheists or concerned about the planet instead of themselves fast enough

The UN Mandate that recognised Israel – presumed a Palestinian state as the League Of Nations Mandate specified both of whom’s capital would be in Jerusalem. The move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem before the Palestinian state was formally recognized by Israel as a sovereign state – finally betrayed both the League Of Nations and the UN Security Council mandate’s intentions. The geo-political way is now clear for Israel to annex every part of historic Palestine that it desires (or “needs”). Israel is a parasitical cancer that the USA has chosen to nurture – in defiance of our own best interests. And has us locked into endless warfare (American money and blood) exclusively in Israel’s greedy interest. When Trump first said: “America First” – I (foolishly) hoped that it included our sacrifices on behalf of Israel. Obviously – it did not. (In fact: I have no idea what it did mean – if anything at all.) Israel spies on us (Jonathon Pollard) and attacks our Navy in international waters (USS Liberty) with impunity. The Obama Administration was the only one of many – which dared object. He is vilified for it -even tho he destroyed Libya, and fomented the revolution in Syria to appease Israel.

it’s one abrahamic religion as a trilogy,all trying to be the one true one of too many sects in various centuries of application,

meanwhile, all religions have the same zero evidence, there are no good ones

well, maybe the ones now deemed myths, eh.

How could anyone disagree with that?

sadly the majority of the world is whatever religion dominated in the region they were born

and thank you, that is the best ever response that I have gotten to that statement

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