Challenging transphobia in the media: a 13-step guide

Our guest writer Claire Mullaly, a trade unionist and LGBTQ+ activist, discusses with Trans Media Watch all about challenging transphobia in the media: the 13 steps to beat the ‘active violence of silence’.

The announcement by the government on the consultation of the reform of the Gender Recognition Act (2004) is wholeheartedly welcomed by the LGBTQ+ community as a step away from a highly medicalised, bureaucratic and degrading process to acquire gender recognition. With this public consultation announcement and its subsequent delays, a spike in transphobia has been apparent.

We must, as the LGBTQ+ community, as workers, as trade union members, as activists and as allies provide a space for trans people to be visible and safe in the knowledge that they are not alone.

The trans community’s struggle is constant and hard fought, with still almost half of trans school pupils in the UK having attempted suicide, one in…

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