Snowflakes who are bothered others exist

As a canadian, the snowflake slur makes little sense to me, as there are so many kinds.

But, with all the snowflakes under all conditions, over time, there would be repeats, nature always reuses and energy is nothing if not efficient, and temperature variations play their part.

IRS recognizes a lesbian witches ‘church.’ But is it a sneaky attack on trans rights?

religion is hate and mental illness

people need to stop being bothered that others exist
it diminishes the humanity and dignity of all,
particularly the preydophiles purveyors

focus on your own lives and leave others to their right of personal sovereignty


yes religion is utter bollocks. However the point of this church is that it’s a start in the fightback against trans nonsense. These women want a space free of men and trans women (also men).


then form a social club or a non-profit or think tank

don’t claim religion as an authority

because all that means is emotionalism combined with puritanicalism

and it has no legal or ethical or moral grounds.

organized religion is part of the social problem of people not being able to work and play well with others

in fact, between traditional religions and these modern upstart ones

the secular community should have their collective cognitive dissonance broken


Sorry, I missed that

Were you speaking english?


Yes I do, but you’re a literal troll who zero sum circle jerks; so your reading comprehension and general knowledge is utterly lacking

I am an ordained minister. I am also a traditionally trained Wiccan priestess. And, I am transgender. I also have experience running a 501 (c)3 educational research society chapter. I have been open to the idea of founding a ‘church’ for quite some time. Any takers?


ever since the Flying Spaghetti Monster went legal

I have considered it myself

we’d just need a bit of each of the known major ones

use the word “:quantum” to make it sciencey for the widest appeal


I’ll give that some thought… Thanks Nina.


you’re welcome

you might find this helpful

The Pocket Guide to the Afterlife – 91 Places Death Might Take You was written by Augusta Moore and Elizabeth Ripley.

some research avenues I can suggest are the website

godchecker dot com

an 8 part documentary series on youtube called Around the World in 80 faiths


because gays and lesbians do exclude bisexuals and trans of all sexualities

along with the ethnicity divide across age lines

there is prejudice within and without, denying it is part of it

and for unclear reasons, conservatives think they get to ignore their hypocrisy and point at the flaw on our side, as if the one on theirs is not the same demographic chasm

log cabiners do not become more het as a reward for being racist.


“because gays and lesbians do exclude bisexuals and trans of all sexualities”

Some do.

These blanket statements are going to divide us.


Agreed, thank you.

I should have said, have in previous decades and some continue to do so.

because divided we are genocided

lest we forget


In nazi germany they may well have come for the jews, but seriously you equating your fat twanny arse with jewish people is just an insult

the only people who’d come for you would be the fashion police! WTF do you think you look like? Do you never look in the mirror?


they did, and they documented it, it is not a question

moreover, the nazis went for the gays and lesbians too

and when the allied nations freed the camps

those with pink and black triangles were left in them

it’s why the gays and lesbians of the 1970s through the 1980s wore the triangles again until AIDs ribbons replaced them through the 1990s

Anyone who uses the term, ‘terf’ is a MISOGYNIST: anti-feminist, anti-natal female. What they lack is in any secure identity of their own and so they need to attack (look for the common word ‘scum’ which has been stolen from old anti-labor lobbyists) and use in order to distract and try to create chaos and delegitimize the natural BIOLOGY & SCIENCE of our natal bodies. No political agenda on their part- they are not that smart – they are simply willing tools (lemmings) for #BigPharma. Be on the lookout for more organizations and underground activism as this #resistance2antifemaletyrrany heats up all over the world in every corner of academia, medical, psychological, arts and every other field these nasty vipers appear w/ their venom. They need to wrap spiked wires around their ridiculous bats to threaten females with their testosterone-driven violence, but they are being met with far more intelligent and sneaky methods. This Pussy Church scares them so much that they are crying because they want to be included so badly – because they have an innate NEED to be included in EVERYTHING. Just like the white male-driven campaign that this is. Never forget: lifetime commitments they are promoting to the ultimate G*d of Death, Sterilization, Puberty Blocker$, Hormone$ and Unnecessary Surgeries: Big Pharma. Message to you lemmings: Bow down and crawl away….


If ‘TERF’ (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist) bothers you then I’ll switch to FIB (Feminist Identified Bigot), which I believe is a much more accurate definition anyway.


How about a mutual verbal disarmament treaty?

The trans side discontinues to use TERF and cis.

The radfem/trans-critical side discontinues the usage of TIM/TIF, MTT/FTT, various t word slurs, man in a dress (cliche) tropes, and all references to mental illnesses including autogynephilia.


I support that, less pejorative language across all the LGBTQ categories.

Divided we’re genocided, United, LGBTQ, will continue to exist.

if humans can get it together the save the planet, we all breath air and need water; and sewage along with health care are essential for basis and better livers.

This idiot writer needs a lesson in LESBIAN HERSTORY: FICTION: “Audre Lorde was a queer African-American civil rights activist, poet, and feminist…” FACT: Audre Lorde was a LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This constant re-writing of the narrative is exactly what Trumpsters do – change the language as to make the woven story seem ‘normal’. This is why we have to #GetTheLOut


what do you think queer is?

I’m a dyke, that makes me a queer lesbian.

post butch femme and granola 1970s


“LGBTQ” is a fiction. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with “gender identity”, in fact Transgender ideology inevitably directly conflicts with that of gay, lesbian, bisexual people. Religious fundies figured this out long ago, which is why Iran is the world leader in transexual sex-change ops as a “cure” for gayness so that Ahmadinejad could say “Iran has no gays”. Trans have always had it better than gays. Meanwhile gay & lesbian people have already sacrificed enough of our own interests for ungrateful Trans hangers-on.

In the US we would have had federal legal protection against discrimination in housing & employment for gay, lesbian, bisexual people. The bill could have easily passed with Democratic majorities & Democratic president. But the bill could not pass if Trans activists insisted on throwing Trans bathroom crap into it, so gay rights groups- sorry “LGBTQ+” groups, we can’t have gay rights orgs anymore- had to let the whole bill sink & nobody got anything.

Rather than let all LGB people gain basic rights & protections, Trans activists declared it would be Transphobic to pass a gay rights bill that didn’t include Trans, if Trans can’t get their way, they would rather make gays suffer too out of selfish spite.

Enough is enough for this petty ungrateful 0.3% of the population & their insane delusional ideology.


gender and sexuality are entirely interdependent

the who and how of attraction between people

the minority is not the problem, the majority is

and the majority does not get to dictate a solution

lest we forget


Women don’t have Equal Rights Amendment.

Trans wants exceptional sex rights over women, adult human females. Prolly dudes watched too much pOrn.


women don’t have equal rights in America

partly because heterowomen threw the lesbians under the right bus

when they got Roe v Wade and equal pay in the law, but not in industry

marriage equality for LGBTQ advanced rights

and trans rights demonstrate the gender gap of rights more

so hetero women need to thank lesbians for the rights they got

and transwomen for completing the rights under law and lawfully through the courts

it’s men who are unable and unwilling to stop doing rights wrong

religion is incompatible with equality,

rights are for people, not ideas




WTF? Exceptional sex rights over women? WTF?
By the way, dudes who watch too much porn are exactly that….


it’s that false claim of “special” when the correct word is “equal”

the conservatives want to hoard the rights,

they do rights wrong, rights only have meaning when they expand

not merely the letter of the law, but spirit and intention


No doubt there are crazies in every demographic.
I’m just not convinced that makes cis women (like me) unsafe in locker rooms or restrooms that allow trans women.
The university where I work does not police the bathrooms. So trans women use the women’s room. It hasn’t been a problem.
Maybe I can’t generalize from that, but we ARE talking about a university with over 11,000 students, 800+ faculty, and over 1,000 staff.


“In my personal experience”

“In my personal experience”

“In my personal experience”

For fug’s sake!

Personal experience is not statistically valid


crime stats are clear that heterosexual men of various demographics are the leaders on the relevant crime states

making Ruthi Erdman’s personal experience in line with statistics

more elected republicans have been arrested for bathroom crimes than trans people from the public


You are correct, and your university example is more than a personal anecdotes

men need to leave women’s washrooms for women to sort out

it’s just more control all the space freaking

they don’t get to claim to protect usually their relatives as a means to oppress, harass and interfere with others

bathroom and elevator remain the two more dangerous public places

and men need to deal with the men who are the treat to public safety


Elevators! Yes, we women are pretty leery about those (also stairwells),even though the odds of being attacked are actually pretty small. Still, who wants to risk it at all?
Yet we don’t police elevators or stairwells.
More to the point, can we imagine LaVerne Cox or Isis King or Andreja Pejić being forced to use the men’s restroom?
Surely the danger to trans women in men’s restrooms is far greater than the danger to cis women in women’s restrooms that allow trans women. Heaven knows trans women are already in danger just walking down the street. (I suppose you’ve been to a Transgender Day of Remembrance service? Heartbreaking.)
Of course you’re absolutely right that the sort of man who would attack ANYONE in a restroom need to just knock it the f**k off. They’re the problem.
But alas, that world where criminally minded men have learned to stop attacking women doesn’t exist, at least not now.
And the rate at which they attack trans women is appalling.


on secular atheist forums, the men claim to not be sexist

but post the word “elevatorgate”

and flame wars ensue. so religion is only part of the problem.

I’m a Canadian Gen X Dyke and unisex and both gender or single any person options have been a thing in Canada for a while.


Our collective experience is where the statistics come from right? 😂


yes, indeed

and Government stats are not complete

governments failed to collect data on us, and then delayed collecting data

and in America, the government stopped collecting data as population group;
consider the republican actions on the census form

which connects to government budget and policy

and too few governments can be trusted with our data or us


Very true… trusting the government with our identity has backfired…. I never trust completely (and I’m not alone) which skews actual facts. We are underestimated to say the least


when I was in college, the textbook for the stats course was

How To Lie with Statistics: by Darrell Huff, Irving Geis



But twans women are men. The are not women

you cannot change sex, it’s not possible

Don’t show your utter ignorance of biology here, please


since the 1950s it’s been possible

you’re on the internet, you should really look up information

it’ what the the internet was designed for


What has it been possible since the 1950s to do?


google “Christine Jorgensen” and “Michael Dillon”

you’re on the internet, so, learn something

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