Dear Lorne Michaels

Video: Rosie O’Donnell’s Broadway protest outside the White House was incredible


how has Saturday Night Live not had Rosie play Trump?

I get that Baldwin is really preferable to the actual Trump, and everyone can enjoy him doing Trump

but Rosie would make Trump himself go over the edge, given his meltdown over Spicer and Sessions being played by women

meanwhile, “Trump Motorboats Rudy in Drag” on youtube


They don’t have her play The Don(ald) because Alex Baldwin does it so very well


am not suggesting she’d be better either

but it would distress Trump more than anyone else

in fact, they should get the top 5 women he fights with to be a Baldwin back up group in trump drag


Oh, now that would be hilarious!

Too bad I no longer work at an NBC affiliate. Lorne Michaels, are you listening?


hm…I wonder if the SNL website has a skit submission function.

SNL brougt down Ford, it can bring down Trump

and Lorne Michaels is Canadian

Have you seen that 1985 The Canadian Conspiracy mockumentary?


If you really want to make this a suggestion, send Loren Michaels an actual letter — as in on paper and use snail mail — they will pay more attention. Send it to SNL Attn; Loren Michaels c/o NBC Television 30 Rockefeller Plaza NY NY — I don’t know the zip.


thank you is really inadequate


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