Opinion: Corporate Boycotts and Trolling

The Great Gay Chick-fil-A War is expanding into Canada now


I wish the one in our local mall would close up shop and leave. But they wont because they make a profit. It saddens me that local mall shoppers dont care about equal rights when they spend their money there.


It’s not so much that they don’t care — it’s that they don’t know. When Dave Thomas was still alive, and the spokesman of Wendy’s, I stopped going there, because of his anti-gay views.

One day, I was out with friends — and everyone decided we go to Wendy’s for a bite to eat. Everyone except me, but since I was the only ‘no’ vote, I reluctantly agreed. On the way, a couple of them asked me what I had against Wendy’s.

When I explained, they were all genuinely surprised. I don’t know if any of them changed their private eating habits, but that place was never proposed again when I was there.

But, times — and companies — change. Wendy’s now has an HRC Buyer’s Guide rating of 80. So, I will go to them. Or at least, I do when one is convenient. But, the nearest one is several miles from here. I have two doctors that are nearby, so that’s usually the only time I go — and that’s if the buses are working in my favor (they often are not.)


I didn’t know Dave Thomas anti-gay, that’s sad given how he was supportive of adopting children who were abandoned or thrown away.

I don’t think I can go there anymore, thank you for the information helping me make better consumer choices.

I was stunned to discover the guy who made sea monkeys was a nazi.

Hopefully if enough people protest this and sign petitions the government will not allow the dangerous hate group chick filla hate in canada. The Canadian government needs to be made aware that the Christians in charge of chick filla hate are still donating to hate groups and anti LGBT hate groups. These dangerous cult like figures should be banned everywhere. And to the supporters of chick filla hate because i know some LGBT people and even atheist people that love them. Is chicken or unsweetened tea worth violating human rights?


Canada has hate crime laws and a charter of rights that puts gender equality above all other things and religion tends to lose in our courts, since it is not compatible with equality

Is LIEING also part of your agenda since Chick-Fil-A is NOT anti-gay? The founder simply believed that marriage is between one man and one woman but they do NOT discriminate in hiring or those they serve. But what can one expect by a bunch of fanatics in your organization?


Fanatics, says a guy with no rightful business being on a queer site

claiming to be victimized by us because we exist with rights to the public square

you’re so pathetic you’re sad, and President Pussy Grabber removed all meaning from that word

your profile really is one, eh.

you only missed out harassing women on abortion, do you also support rapist parental right?

Joined Sep 2, 2010
Christian News Network
Breitbart News Network
LGBTQ Nation

Friendly Atheist


You are so very uninformed. Chick-Fil-A CEO has for decades contributed to hate groups who are influencing governments to crack down on gays, leading to overt discrimination, torturing attacks, killings, imprisonment and expulsion of gays. These kind of treatments now being proposed here and soon coming to U.S.!!! Is this what you would agree with? Not so seemingly harmless as opposing marriage equality!


From what I’ve read those groups are simply pro traditional marriage and have been smeared by the southern poverty law center who have their own left wing agenda to promote.


no, they are not, they are women hating, abortion denying, LGBTQ fearing reactionary jerkwards

the righteous are not victims when they are not allowed to control other people’s lives or access to civil rights

also, learn to read more widely than righteous talking points

Your profile picture suggests you’re old enought to remember that it was President Bush the Elder who coined the phrase “politically correct” as a slur against white heterosexuals who can work and play with other demographics while not being bothered we exist.

which is actually correct, not just for show or to thwart you/yours.


Sometimes the righteous ARE the victims when they are not allowed to turn down business that goes contrary to their religious beliefs for instance or their own community standards. Respecting rights is a TWO way street.

you say respect, you mean reverence

where is the respect from you then?

you gotta give before you can expect to get

and as someone in the oppressed demographic

I do not have to consider your view valid

that is a new level of horror that previously oppressed and genocided groups were not required to think of their overlords as well meaning or with right to their view

discrimination is not right

service may only be denied for health or public safety reasons

religion is incompatible with equality and needs to be declared the mental illness that it is and listed in the diagnostic manual

frankly, denying people shopping is as anti-american as it gets

but grabbing for more victimhood than are entitled to, certainly is

not being allowed to oppress others is not victimization

bystanders are oppression enablers

Lest We Forget


You do realise that “simply” being pro traditional marriage is being anti gay, right?


nope, deplorables really don’t.

and what they are bringing to genocide and oppression is a new level of horror, expecting their victims to view them as good people who are correct.

when they are only populist, goosesteppers Lest We Forget.


Not at all. But gay activists twist the meaning to mean anti-gay. We care about them (and you) but that does not mean we endorse acting on it anymore than pedophiles (or other deviations) acting on their impulses. You must make an effort to master your temptations and not give into them. It may even save many from diseases. I have a cousin whose daughter is a lesbian but I do care about her whom I have not met personally but what she does is contrary to nature.


your idea of love is vile, abusive and evil

and is directly connected to the lgbtq suicide rate

you don’t care, you condemn

and use words lacking force or meaning, you really can’t understand what your second cousin’s experience of your absentee judgement is.

heterosexuals need to stop being bothered other people exist, have have across history and cultures

biology is infinite diversity in infinite combinations


Totally at all. No one is asking to endorse anything but sadly you wish to control and repress LGBTQ people into what you consider the proper way to behave. So just mind your own business and find something better to do that haunting Gay sites and reading the complete vomit over at Breitbart.


No problem so long as you don’t repress other people’s right to disagree.


there is no right to genocide people you don’t like

or reduce people’s access to the public square and their dignity

and your trolling is harassment and cyberbullying, and is illegal under international law,

conservatives are always on the wrong side of history and the status quo to be overcome

and, you don’t have right to spew your hate

and you don’t have right to force your views onto those you hold in contempt

and when you do troll, your opinions are not free from response or consequences

free speech is not limited to first speech

while the content of your views is not deserving of respect or consideration

you are a terrible person, just like the Chick a fil, Papa Johns, Wendys and other businesses that exploit their labour. ,destroy the environment and then quash civil rights

people not profits

people not prophets

Lest We Forget



When is blatant harassment not covered under nondiscrimination laws?

when it is deemed to be about interpersonal, and not directly on already prohibited discriminatory demographic grounds

the way individuals have their demographic groups taken away

while oppressing harassers get to claim not bigoted, it’s personal

You can also be discriminated against and asked to leave a bar or restaurant because you’re a Trump supporter.


the deplorables need to understand that free speech is not limited to first speech, nor is it consequence free

oppressors and would be genociders are not good people, nor deserving of being treated as credible adults.

and enablers and bystanders are not good either, these thing do not pass, they are predictable by anyone who learned history

Lest We Forget


Yes, Nina.

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