The Freedom of Speech: Cost Analysis

This college wrestler lost his scholarship for shouting anti-gay slurs at a pro-Trump rally


freedom of speech does not include removing other people’ dignity.

people who whine about not being allowed to do rights wrong

get no sympathy and they need to stop making “white” embarassing

heterosexuals are the majority of the population and they need to get over themselves

others exist and are entitled to

otherwise, rights are not inalienable and clearly not self evident

free speech is not talking down to demographics, with the government allowing them

it is speaking truth to power, and telling the government to not oppress

this is why minority right protections had to exist, the majority is the problem.

Innocent man sues after cops arrest him at urinal & accuse him of cruising for sex

why are the cops arresting the men who didn’t want to have sex with them?

republicans get arrested for this a fair bit, eh.

Roy zimmerman did a larry craig version of ted haggart is completely heterosexual.


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