Queerstory: The 1980s Mom n Pop Decade

Pride in Pictures 1984: Mom & Pop go to the parade

My mother would have marched… ancient history… RIP


the 1980s are living memory. not history

and mot sadly, the decade the usa president thinks it is.

I came out in the 1990s, and was one of the few people at queer social gatherings and activist groups had been thrown out of family homes or banished from family gatherings

who was on the same terms with the parentals as before I was out.

my parents never felt the need for PFLAG, but both of them attended Prides Parade or Stonewall events with me

it’s 2018 and too little has changed.


You’re right about our big, fat, wimp of a president! ‘course we all know that bullies are really “cream-puffs”! As far as “history”, it’s subjective. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, in my personal philosophy.🤗


I wondered if he was going to be the first president to defect

so the anticipated perp walk will his Presidential first ever.

soon the only orange about him will be a prison uniform

Does treason carry the death sentence in America?

2018 America decides, Civil War 2.0 ends the global era

or does it have to be Madame La Guillotine, viva la revolution

America’s first King ends at the gallows of his choice,

although, I would imagine the republicans now fear the democrats taking over the NRA in 2018 the way they took over the KKK in the 1980s.

the irony of George Washington still being the highest ranked general, the father of America, who actually fathered none.

America’s first president was gay.

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