Mormons and their Three Wife Minimum

Dear Republicans: Isolationist & Doomsday Thinking = NOT OK

Canada Declassified: Doomsday Cults


You’re a fool, spreading stupid rumors! The LDS Church has always allowed Blacks to be members. Hower, before 1987, for most of its history, the LDS Church did not allow Black men to be ordained to the LDS priesthoods. The LDS Church is likely the wealthiest religious organization in the world. They were not “loosing money” in 1978 when the Church allowed Black men to hold the LDS priesthoods.



no, you’re the magic underwear idiot in denial of mormon bigotry


they still consider indigenous peoples of North America to be satan spawn

wonder what the Mormons would do if they understood that the indigenous people of the Americas are from China, before the Eurosquatters peaked with colonialism?

or if they had any idea about what a poor climate adaption “white” is in a warming world.

the irony of the super power pissing contest is boggling.

maybe someone should show Trump those other 1980s shows

The BBC’s Threads and America’s The Day After.


I’m not a member of the LDS Church any longer, I haven’t been since 1981, but I am well versed in the Church, it’s history and more recent situations.


how nice for you.

your insider knowledge of one of the more ridiculous sects of the Abrahamic Trilogy, splintered into 30,000 sects at last global count.

Jewish 1.0 Christian 2.0 Islam 3.0 Mormon 2.5 ending in the modern era 1970s San Franciso Anton LeVey Satan cult.

Scopes Trial to the Kansas City that spawned the FSM parody, now a legally recognized religion, the first of this century.

RIP Invisible Pink Unicorn… that atheist secular phrase has a different LGBTQ meaning.

religion is all about the reuse, and relift, repurposed to a differing niche.


They may have feared that they were in danger of losing their tax-exempt status if they kept excluding Black men from the priesthood, so yes, money may have been involved in the sudden 1978 reversal of policy.
And we must understand that there are a lot more priests in the Mormon Church than in, say, the Roman Catholic Church. Every “worthy” male in the entire congregation is eligible for priesthood, and most are ordained.
Black men were excluded from this across-the-board lay priesthood from about the mid-19th century until the 1978 reversal–a reversal which may have been triggered by the prospect of bleeding money after losing tax-exempt status.


This is a red herring.

All religious worship units; church, temple, mosque, coven, etc. can legally discriminate in the US without any fear of losing its tax exempt status. The federal & state governments cannot dictate what beliefs that a religious organization may hold, even when they discriminate. The LDS Church had no fear of losing its tax exempt status as a church in 1878.


religion is in danger of losing it’s chartity tax status

it consumes more wealth than the value it claims to return to society.


they had to give up the three wife minimum heaven requirement to become a state

and the Colorado, Texas and British Columbia YFZ communities are illegally trafficking in women in doomed delay of their gene pool collapse

you should read:

The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada’s Polygamous Mormon Sect Paperback – (2009)
by Daphne Bramham (Author)


And I believe that a polygamist man ruling the lives of his followers is slavery which I have seen in Utah!




it is, there is actually a YFZ town in British Columbia called Bountiful, there are two men fathering the town and trafficking in girls between the Texas and Colarodo closed communities.

the government keeps doing it the stupid way – grabbing the victims rather than arresting the perpetrators of the sexual abuse, taxation voilations, labour and education law violations

creating a PR nightmare and the communitie get a century to hunker down and ghettoize even more.

younger men who fail to meet the three wife minimum are also used as unpaid or underpaid labour, and eventually cast out of the community, and into a world they are unprepared for

and are part of the group dying in the opiod crisis across north america

this subgroup of mormons has the highest infant morality and birth defect rates over the national averages for populations in north america.

a book that is words to spread swords

is also about sperm spreading, rape is not legit contraception

and in literal world, rape is courtship, proposal and how he guaranteed to put said ring on the finger, might as well be the nose.

starting to sound familiar with current policies and government department shakes ups? .

.also, welfare fraud, the sister wives claim welfare as single mothers

they call the government the beast and feel entitled to milk it and put their own word of their own god, above secular law.

why religion is inconsistent with rights.

Disrupter-in-chief Trump touts ‘politically incorrect’ bait with supporters

I try to remain optimistic, but sometimes feel a need to, “Set Condition Zebra”! We need to fight to regain our place as a progressive democracy! Freedom is not free!
Sometimes it’s necessary to show “TOUGH LOVE!”


being rules lawyers would work too

pedantic paperwork processes


Bit cryptic. You feel well, doll?


as well as anyone can be expected to in these interesting times

I mean the democrats know how to use the levers and buttons of government, obstruct,

the public knows how to contact their government

we all communicate

demand the law do it’s job

don’t wait to vote, there is more than enough evidence

of at least the appearance of a conflict of interest

don’t sit on the mere tradition of not removing a sitting president who does a run of the mill or business crime

America has been the worlds police for too long to flip the world into a nuclear shooting match

the wordless terror in my head

leaves only the horror of the day the internet died

the leak of the pee tape

Gay couple publicly whipped after vigilante mob drags them out of beauty salon


yes, it i exactly what north american christians are waiting to do

and whining that muslims get away with

as they demand lgbtq to think nicely of christians even as they roll back our rights


Why do you think it is limited to North American Christians? The Christians in Africa already do it.

religion everywhere under any name is a problem

you are deflecting from my comment about north america to africa

this is the Crusades 2.0, east vs west

the Abrahamic three way uncivil religious war.

Funny how the Ethiopians had the arc of the covenant all this time, eh?

Fuck all of these ass hats. I’d like to introduce them to some retribution. Religion is a disease and don’t fool yourself Christians would be caning us in the streets to in America if they got there way.



and we have to assume Canada too,

notice this exchange on this article:

Nina Trygg • a day ago
American Christians must be jealous that they are not yet allowed to do this, eh.
ken rider Nina Trygg • a day ago
Nina Trygg ken rider • 2 hours ago
are you agreeing or warning?

checking your profile – Joined Mar 13, 2015

and this is your only comment. July 15, 2018

clearly, a warning then


It scares me to death the way these people are. I know good muslims tho, it’s def not all of them. My time in the Middle East tho I saw gay men and women thrown off roof tops. And all sorts of hateful things. Here in America me and my wife will be somewhere holding hands and get called “dykes” and stuff like that. I know we are a short step away from theocrats in America doing the same to all of us in lgbtq. community. If your talking about my profile it was hacked a long time ago and someone was posting left and right on it. I still haven’t gone back and seen all that was posted but I was able to change my pass word and get my account back. But I’m solidly on board as a proud member and ally to lgbtq people. Minus terfs lol


the only group that I feel comfortable saying that there are no good people on the side of are Nazis.

the KKK joined the democrats in the 1960s, but they moved into the republican party in the 1980s.

Operation Paperclip informs

Lest We Forget.

back in the 1990s, I was one of only 6 people who stood outside the Meridian hotel on Burrard in Vancouver where 50 nazis hide instead of having their so called pride event.



These lesbians are being threatened by their neighbor. Police won’t do anything to stop it.


The Trump Deplorables are not waiting anymore



Why is the New York Times joking that Trump & Putin are gay lovers?

They did it because they are simply ignorant about it being offensive to gay men, and especially offensive to GWM. They just don’t care. They are dismissive.
Just because one man kisses another man’s ass, everyone defaults it to being gay.
I think the cartoonist is definitely latent, if not gay.

in 2018, it’s the cheap and lazy go to joke

and speaks to the core of the righteous purity/desire denial disgust routine

why the pure in public and perverted in private

because it is more comforting to the heteros than treason

or dealing with Trump sexually being an adult baby

the more powerful in public, the more submissive and into digust/humiliation in private

I feel bad for all the magazines who ran him on their covers

and especially for all the woman he paid to spank him with them rolled up

like the dog he is. bad doggie president, no throne.

America was founded on the idea of no more kings after all.

curious they suggest a oral kiss of equals

rather than the more likely position

and I will leave that to everyone’s own dirty imagination


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