Pride Parades: The Personal is Political

Lesbian extremists hijack Pride in London to insult transgender people


I’m married to a woman because she was with me and we were married from before. However I prefer men now. It started about 6 months ago all of a sudden I was like…oh shit men. Lol. But she doesn’t want us to seperate, so I stay with her bc I still love her. I’ve tried getting her to leave a loooooomg time ago so she could be with a man. But then she admitted to me she liked me like the way I am now so I guess she is a bi woman in a relation ship with a ever straightening woman??? Lol


you might want to re-read your posts

the misogyny is astonishing

What? Lesbians protesting at pride? Protesting at a protest march… the gall of these women. They also embarrassed the straight man who was supposed to be leading the march, totally ruined his photo op where he was going to smile and prove his pro-gay credentials, and took the attention away from all the corporate floats who had paid good money to advertise at pride.

If you want to see the protest, search on youtube for “london pride protest” and you too can laugh at the upper-class twit from Pink News almost in hysterics as he tries to comprehend the uppity women not obeying the rules.


conservatives are the ones most genocidally bothered by other people existing



Although more and more these days, TERFs are becoming conservatives. They sure like linking up with them.


The Log Cabiners have always been the bane of the LGBTQ community’s existence.

they think they will be hetero enough for being racist and transphobic

while heteros of ethnicity think they will be white enough for hating LGBTQ, that they used to deny that they had any of.

the republican party is united by internal loathing that they take out on the rest of America and the world.



polite women rarely make history

or rather, herstory.



Can anyone explain why both transmen and transwomen are in the “women” demographic

rendering lesbians terrible for lack of tolerance, but gay men are not held to an inclusive standard?

and why the “women” demographic is being denigrated by people seeking to considered women?

and why are “bisexuals” under attack over bigender attraction as terrible to trans?

monosexuality vs bigenderism

LGBTQ used to be gay and lesbian, then lesbigay with drag on the side and ignoring trans

Queer is a word that says other than heteronormative, and we need to get over these identity divisions, eh.


Um. WHO exactly are you to state that “transmen and transwomen are in the women demographic”? The way I look at it, I remove the “trans” label from every “woman or man” who is trans, and see them for who they really are or how they choose to identify. However, I’m with you on the use of the term “Queer”. I think it’s time to remove all the LBGTQ acronyms and embrace the use of the term “Queer” which is much more inclusive.


who am I? a person posting a question, who are you to answer it then?

what is the gay male version of TERFS ?

there is not only male or female with trans being a temporary stage before surgery: hermaphrodites exist

while most people are monosexual, people do exist that are attracted to both genders

so why are bisexuals, one deemed invisible untrusted tourists by gays and lesbians

the heterosexuals are the LGBTQ problem, and at this point

I’d be willing to include asexuals and kinky heteros as queer

this infighting does not serve equality or society as a whole.


Queer is not inclusive of me. I do not identify as queer, but I am a part of the LGBT community.


in the 1970s, the gays and lesbians wore the black and pink triangles

reclaiming these symbols and words was to remove their oppressive power and transform it into defiance.

from the 1980s,: Queer Nation, Act Up and Lesbian Avengers


I am gay. I am not queer. If people want to call themselves queer, that’s fine. I do not call other people queer, nor do I define myself in that way.


you left the Q from LGBTQ, so you are not being inclusive of others means of identification in said community



The fact is, there is no greater bunch of sensitive snowflakes than the TERFs.


apparently you have not watched Trump at the nato event

he’s the poster child of hypersensative

the most, hhuuugest snowflake, the flakiest of all

Operation Paperclip informs

Lest We Forget


Well, like I said, the same insecurities that fill conservatives like Trump also drive the TERFs. They’re not too different.


conservatives and some feminists agreed pornography was bad too

of course,their ” the man = bad and women = victim” porn analysis does not cope well with same gender porn.

and the perpetual conservative assault on Roe v Wade

confirms that the conservatives are not friends to feminists.


“of course,their ” the man = bad and women = victim” porn analysis does not cope well with same gender porn.”

I know. Their arguments are totally ignorant that porn is about presentation. And it totally leaves no nuance for things like female positive porn, or queer positive porn. Porn is simply filmed sex, and how it’s presented is what makes it a positive or negative experience.

“and the perpetual conservative assault on Roe v Wade confirms that the conservatives are not friends to feminists.”

And yet that hasn’t stopped TERFs from teaming up with conservatives multiple times. Which proves my point that TERFs are not feminists. 😛


so, what do you call the gay men who object to transmen?


I’ve never really heard of any.


but they would exist

and this is certainly absent from the lgbtq discussion

not to mention, are trans who are heterosexual part of the LGBTQ or are they heterosexual?

so, transgender and bisexual have some common ground, in terms of being placed within and outside of gay and lesbian queerdom.

also, some trans would be bisexual and others with a monosexual attraction

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