The religious are righteous, hardly right or one, eh.

The religious right will never abandon Trump now that he’s giving them the Supreme Court

can anyone explain why The Amish voted for him, when he represented everything they deem morally wrong?

The republicans obstructed Obama for 2 years, then broke the supreme court rules

why have they not all been arrested for undermining the rule of law

rather than being rewarded with remaining in office?

I decided yesterday, that I getting off the ‘hate Trump’ train, until he’s brought down.  (see above link for the full post)


getting dragged into the details is their distraction strategy.

Meanwhile in Canada, Ontario’s new Premiere Doug Ford, the brother of the infamous Rob the Crack Mayor of Toronto, just had to have the difference between the Department of Citizenship and Immigration and the Immigration and Refugee, along with the difference between provincial and federal areas of responsibility explained to him by PM Trudeau, has unsurprisingly, just pledged himself as a Trump supporter.

in the province of Ontario, our manufacturing province that Trump just tariffed and those who voted for Ford and for Trump are ending their own jobs, eh?

I hope nobody tells Trump that he could legally just appoint 2 more Judges to the bench right now.
The number of seats is more of a guidline iirc starting with 5 in 1790 and up to 15 that Roosvelt planned in 1937 … it only takes an act of congress to set a number. The USA could be stuck with a 7-4 Evangelical hardline court for the forseeable future as long the reps can keep majority in the congress


Trump is the type who falls for the yes no fake out

flip flopper, President Tinkled On ends the Party of President Trickle Down

Flint Michigan voters were literally being poisoned thanks to their Republican elected officials and they still wouldn’t vote for Hillary. You get the President and the Supreme Court you deserve when you vote the way you vote. If Democrats don’t stop this purist crap and start treating this like a war for our future, just like the Republicans, we will be living in an Evangelical police state where only white Christian men have rights.


seriously, to be read in your best Bette Davis:

“They ARE literally being poisoned, they ARE”

Dear Nestle: you can’t have the water

NWO: Companies ruling Nations

Nestle vs The People — Warrior Publications

not were, most of America does not have safe drinking water from a faucet

and the east coast has radon gas in the basements, while the west coast is depleting the water

Human scale activity is making a bigger impact than nature can correct for.

California’s drought was only 25% resolved by the 2016 severe winter Canada had

meanwhile, keep buying that bottled water and Nestle and other companies deplete resources and divert them to private profit and avoid their environmental and social harm along with not paying corporate or income taxes, nor actually the cost of doing business

under President Bankruptcy.

Language vs Grammar

Katherine Lee Bates, the woman who wrote “American The Beautiful” Song was laesbian who left the republican party over it’s xenophobia back them, would not recognize the locations now that she described in said song.

Whether it’s an anthem or a swan song, is up to Americans.

further suggested reading

MSNBC hosts panel on transgender invisibility. Forgets actual trans people.

well, as long as they are all woke

that’s heteros across ethnicity demographics at least

but three men and one woman

who’s quote was that about Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch?

the founding father, who fathered none, but married a woman who already had some offspring.

and, Jamestown’s queer history lesson and queer presidents and first ladies lists abound on the internet too, eh.

Why Representation Matters: LGBTQ

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