Scarier: Clowns or Church Basements?

A teen is accused of beating & locking up a gay man for 4 days in a brutal hate crime

Beating then locking up a man for 4 days without food or water…then claiming to be the victim and using the “gay panic defense”!!! WTF !


how does no one in a church notice for 4 days?

and I guess Jackson Sugrue would be okay with a woman doing this to him, when he hits on them?

men do not get beat/rape/murder other men who hit on them

nor beat/rape/murder women who are not interested in them

nor beat/rape/murder anyone they think gender tricked them

religion is mental illness and should be listed in the diagnostic manual

it should not be deemed an alternative complimentary to medicine

or anything that informs secular law in democratic society

That is the first question that came to my mind. I guess we would have had to be there to see the construction. Not to discredit my total distaste for the teen. It is probably not the the only person he beat up. His parents probably feel threatened which is the reason for their “loving” support!


There are enough people that work in buildings that someone who doesn’t work there really can’t  use a bathroom as a dungeon without one of them noticing.


Yeah, where were the other members of the church? And the church staff? And the preachers? The church janitors didn’t clean the bathroom for four days?! Something smells wildly suspicious. Wow, no wonder they use incense.


pass the collection plate and ammunition

religion is money for nothing and altar boys for free

plus easy get out of crime card with self forgiveness

Expect the Inquistion

Lest We Forget

It’s just so sad… In the era of ‘Trump’, people believe that they can get away with anything!
Welcome to “One step forward, Two steps back”.


Trump just tried to end affirmative action in government

the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Roe v Wade and Marriage Equality are all risk

Lest We Forget

Police used tear gas & rubber bullets to stop Istanbul Pride

“its government is now controlled by conservative Islamic forces.” And those conservative Islamic forces have the full approval/endorsement of Donald Trump. Is anyone surprised by that?


nope. same religion, both offsprings of Jewish.

the abrhamic trilogy recruits, most other religions, you must be born into.

as if religion is genetic rather than geographically dependent.

Russia has a Tzar, China a permanent Chairman

Turkey this dick-tator and America with President Reality TV Host thinking he is America’s first king.

Lest We Forget

meanwhile, in Canada

Pride in Pictures 2017: Trudeau & Toronto Pride

like the RCMP to women apology, this one falls short too
ignoring the post Brian Mossop ruling within the federal public service.

apologies without reconciliation and compensation are words without action

that said, PM Justin Trudeau is the first world leader to start his campaign at pride parade – the Vancouver BC one and then he attended toronto’s

but most of all, after elected, Trudeau returned to both pride parades and many others

if only the first PM Trudeau had gotten marriage equality included in the 1985 Charter of Rights

blame the provinces and the threat of the Notwithstanding Clause.

Hawaiian Pizza and Presidential Powers

Kings to Prime Ministers to Presidents

Canada’s LGBTQ2 Apology

The RCMP Apology

Harper’s 2008 residential school apology was ‘attempt to kill the story,’ says ex-PMO speechwriter

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