Lest We Forget: The Only Meme That Matters

Trump administration honors Russian & Filipino holidays. Still won’t recognize pride month.

Forget Trump then. If he’s not going to honour us, why should we honour him?

it is curious how republicans demand respect for trump in the officewhen there are still Obama Birthers who support Ted Cruz, born in Alberta Canada.they did not respect the office for Obama and they seem to think that the legitimacy is based on their party ruling.

Trump is more comfortable with dictators rather than legally elected democratic leaders

for obvious peer group reasons, eh?

Trump attacks America’s NATO Allies and fawns over dictators, all while claiming to be a deal maker


I’ve never understood that way of thinking. When one votes for a President, Prime Minister, a Premier, etc., that person expects that president to represent the people of one’s own country, not those of other countries.


the social contract has been broken a long while
and we live in interesting times

A dangerously unqualified business man who does not understand politics, economics or diplomacy, former reality tv show host, in charge of global reality


I know. How Trump ever made President of the USA is beyond me. He may have inherited a business, he may have been an okay TV star, but he sucks as president.

I remember during his campaign for President, he was also violent towards people. He threatened to punch someone in the face for protesting against him. Who talks that way when he’s running for President?

someone who thinks they will be the first king of america

Trump always sucked, going back to the 1980s, fake it til you make it

the summary of that decade. He went bankrupt 6 times and would have had more money if he had none nothing with the money his KKK parade arrested at Daddy left him.

Trump’s appeal was a repeat of what we have seen before fascism 101

the creepy charlie males get to blame other demographics existing for their poverty, meanwhile pass the collection plate and ammunition.

but mostly, the alpha male toxicity of zero sum dom/sub.

People not profits
People not prophets


I know. It doesn’t make sense. He has done nothing to deserve Trump Organisation, nor has he done anything to deserve to be President.


merit is a myth that the boomers invented

and Gen X puts paid to, not only are there no life long careers, but people have to change industry sectors, not just companies

and why millennial are experiencing the mid life existential crisis in their 20s

and no one has realistic expectations of their abilities or prospects, which are not owed or a given


I agree. I was born in 1973. I didn’t grow up in an affluent family or affluent neighbourhood. I grew up having to work for what I wanted. That’s how I grew up. You ain’t entitled to nothing. If you want the money to buy something, you have to earn it.


the rich act as if they don’t breath the same air, drink the same water

and as if history such as Madam La Guillotine can’t repeat

genocide is one thing, expecting the target demographics to consider their oppressors as good people with valid viewpoints is another, eh

the unconventional becomes convention and we have to find new ways to horrify each other

we spent too much money/time on war and religion

and not enough on technology and sustainability

cooperation is better for everyone

Lest We Forget


I know. They seem to think they don’t have to follow the same rules as the rest of us, that because they’re wealthy, that the same rules of behaviour and decency don’t apply to them. I’ve never understood why that is. 😥


because values are social class dependent

and a person who exist at a survival level, vs one trying to get ahead

vs one who is directly benefiting from the system other people’s labour contributes to (reactionary)

are very different perspectives

this is why social revolutions lurch between university academics who just realized or labour classes who’ve hit the tipping point

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Lest We Forget

The 2018 Texas GOP platform has 24 anti-LGBTQ planks. Out of 81.

Nazi Germany Then
America Now

Lest We Forget

Police used tear gas & rubber bullets to stop Istanbul Pride

Turkey is now an authoritarian state with one man rule, President Erdogan. He’s a hero to donnie “small hands” trump who aspires to be just like him.


Russia has a Tzar, China a permanent Chairman

Turkey this dick-tator and America with President Reality TV Host thinking he is America’s first king.

Lest We Forget

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