Irony Metre Recalibration

Death row inmate asks for clemency because ‘gay panic’ justifies murder

Just like many who are abused during childhood, he chose to become a predator. Many others who are abused during childhood never make that choice, and instead work to prevent victimization from happening to others.


I think that anyone who claims their alleged child abuse as a defense

it should be deemed an aggravating factor, instead

victims should know better

and instead, it’s defense ploy

accused have more than enough protections in the system

it’s time that the victims mattered, they done wrong, not the state

whenever people try to claim that LGBT people have equal rights and are in no way oppressed by the system… i generally like to point out that “gay panic” and “trans panic”defenses for murder are still legal and recognized in most states in the US. something that is pretty much impossible to prove, but could essentially deem the victim as deserving of their own murder simply because of who they are.

i’m glad that this judge isn’t an idiot and has seen through it though.


it’s related to the “saw a woman in clothes” resulting in rape

Men who murder gay men who might want to have sex with them
are somehow allowed to rape and or murder whatever woman they want

so the pattern of confession of claimed provocation,

meets it’s logical conclusion

in raping and murdering the women clothes on the man who done tricked them
a double down defense of raping and murder
where the whole moment fails to make them realize they are confessing to being unable to refrain from rape and murder.

“Gay panic defense” is a problem that is only used in English speaking countries, according to Wikipedia.
There has never been any similar thing in Norway, as I have heard about.
Murder is murder.


it is a North American particular thing, Canada banned it some time ago

I am unsure where the drunk defense of being too drunk to stop myself from doing the same bad things gain, pity the perp abuser, eh?

Sadly, Norway did have that mass shooter, who targeted people of his own demographic to punish them for allowing Muslims to live there,

which was sad, given the history of trade between Viking and Middle East cultures.

the following text is copied from a news article from The Guardian, 2017

University claims Viking burial clothes woven with ‘Allah’ discovered in Sweden

The researchers at Uppsala, Sweden’s oldest university, were re-examining clothes that had been in storage for some time. They had originally been found at Viking burial sites in Birka and Gamla Uppsala in Sweden. Textile archaeology researcher Annika Larsson told the BBC that at first she could not make sense of the symbols, but then, “I remembered where I had seen similar designs: in Spain, on Moorish textiles.”


The needs of the many will always surpass the needs of the few.  Anders Behring Breivik Shooter/Bomber on Friday, July 22, 2011 Oslo, Norway  I wasn’t going to blog about the most recent homeland terror assault, I didn’t even particularly


Michigan just banned anti-LGBTQ discrimination in a landmark decision

why does every demographic have to fight for rights

when discrimination is what is,

it’s always all and not just one


Said by the person with no picture……..


Posts a User with No Person Name and also no image
your account: Joined Mar 21, 2014

My account, Joined Oct 15, 2016, was suspended by google

for sharing links from this and other queer sites

to my google profile page

where I also used to share my youtube and blog links

so google displays the default profile image

which, thanks for pointing out, particularly on this article

Do you even have an irony metre?

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