Forced Heterosexuality?

Heterosexuality is so fragile that even knowing that there are other options will end the human species. Or so the claim goes, when I was a child, there was 3.5 billion humans in the world and now there’s over 7 billion.

I don’t see the planet running out of people any time soon, almost everything else, perhaps, as the ecosystems collapses, one tier of the web at a time, from the apex to the smallest, the tiniest upon which the largest depend.

These tips for ‘ex-gay happiness’ are completely unhinged


“You have to sit and listen to her whine about stupid stuff for hours without laughing or rolling your eyes or getting snarky.”

hey women, there’s a catch, how can he still be single?


Oh, be still, my beating heart!


It is funny, men learn to talk, but never to listen

then they wonder why no one interacts with them, eh?


If it weren’t for those darned SJW’s telling women they can actually choose their partners, he’d be rolling in pussy.


while he’d rather be doing dicks.

Women are so picky, eh?



Never mind any women, how is “You have to sit and listen to her whine about stupid stuff for hours without laughing or rolling your eyes or getting snarky.”

supposed to appeal to a man, even one who enjoys women

and worse for man who does not,

tedious whining followed by sex you had to talk yourself into having with her

then there’s the paid for dinner obligation sex on dates

the 1970s battles of sexes between men and women really meant sex lost.

better to be with someone who’s company you enjoy

it makes for better sex too.

love the person, based on that, not the plumbing will do attached to whoever

Is this article supposed to be for real? I see absolutely nothing here to recommend being an ex-gay. Or being str8, for that matter. (I don’t think it’s possible to actually change one’s orientation, only one’s behavior. And, that never lasts.)


sweet, and more succinct than mine, eh.

Ex gays aren’t real. This article is utter rubbish


there are in fact, ex-ex-gays

and not all of them after being outed cruising

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