Discriminate in the Privacy of your home

Lyft announces free rides to March For Our Lives rallies nationwide

A ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star was kicked out of a Lyft for kissing her boyfriend

This transgender activist had her location outed by a Lyft driver

Did a gay couple break Uber’s rules by giving each other a peck?

When a Lyft driver turned hateful, two beautiful strangers made it better for this trans woman

people who serve the public don’t get to cherry pick

and all these apps to go around regulated, insured and professional businesses

are a very serious concern


And next time that driver could be violent..what would have happened if the rider was alone and not in a shared ride with witnesses? Everybody carry pocket mace just in case!


there’s been Uber drivers who have assaulted queer people and there;’s been rapes and least one Uber driver was a murderer, although that was between rides and not a client.

people don;’t get to be people when they are working, they have to be the job.

people can discriminate in their homes, they don’t get to do it in the public square or while doing a job that serves the public.

As the only Lyft driver to respond at this point, too many of you are too swift to blame the driver because we opererate in an imperfect system that you (passengers) believe is near perfect. Third Party Rides—Where I’m picking up someone for someone else—are a pain because the communication is poor to non-existent. And if there isn’t a photo, the driver is picking up someone “blind.” Conversely, other passengers have a clear photo of who they are and are waiting at the curb for a pickup which makes the whole experience significantly better. So there are times when a driver is less than thrilled with having to accept another anonymous ride at a location that may not be accurate.

That said, I’m not sure what is a “hostile” tone yet I know after having provided thousands of rides that some people have sensitive antennae. I’m not saying that is the case with Charlotte. Yet I balk at the concept that because someone feels that they are getting less than stellar service that it should cost a person their job. Charlotte has the capacity and ability to teach and nurture, getting a person fired is not consistent with those abilities.


that driver deserved to be fired, and sometimes people need a hard lesson

to understand consequences.

it’s not the victim’s job to protect the perpetrator of the offense

and that type of driver is partly the problem of those types of companies that are in the grey market around a professional industry.

A hate group is crying because Amazon won’t give them money to attack LGBTQ people

Ex-gays’ humiliated in DC when no one showed up for their big rally

These cities are getting rainbow crosswalks to celebrate LGBTQ pride

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