Shania Twain and Celebrity Political Statements

Shania Twain briefly came out as a Trump supporter. Now she ‘regrets’ it.


If she had said, “I don’t comment on politics. I am a musician. I am not an American citizen” someone still would have gotten their colon twisted over it. That’s what liberals do. They look for an “in” to focus hate and violent intentions on others. She is now a target.

conservatives are such drama queens

no one will let me oppress them

no one will obey me and admire my oral spewings

why won’t everyone admit they are all just pretending to not agree with me

serious narcissistic checklist, sad sock puppet

no, actually in Canada we do tend to adhere to the three forbidden topics to avoid.

politics and religion because people are emotionally invested

and sex because they lie.

Elvis Presley’s deflection of a political question at the Madison Square Garden show press conference was perfectly Canadian in tone.


you do know that a right wing nazi gunned down 4 people of color yesterday right?
hate and violence is a CONservative’s credo.


A left wing Muslim ran over dozens of people today in Canada, speeding down a crowded sidewalk at over 30 miles per hour in a van.

You were saying?



Muslim is the same religion as Christian and those are both conservative politically. generally speaking, right wingnuts. not on the left at all.

control freaking to murdering others is a right wing thing

left tends to regulate public behaviors towards collective good

in Canada, it was the NDP who brought in Universal Health Care in the 1960s.



and the skin tone of “white” is above a latitude across all the continents

so northern china has white people by measurable skin tone

and in Africa albinos, who are the whitest people, are in africa

Arabic people are Caucasians too.

even by the original Victorian era meanings, which have no bearing now that we’ve decoded the human genome.

and science has demonstrated how very much is heredity

and how none of those categories mean anything.

less than 1% genetic difference between any 2 of the over 7 billion homo sapiens living right now. and not much difference going back about 20,000 before our brains dropped about a tennis ball of matter with denser nueral networks to pass down.

from reptile to ape to sapien. natural or selected.

learn to work and play well with others

so that no one feels that doing such a thing is justifiable or are so disconnected from society that they feel compelled to.

I’d rather see the world learn than watch it nuclear burn

but you’ll just make it about your issues/you again.

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