A post Nuke War Religion Thought Experiment

I went on Fox News to discuss Christian privilege. Then the hate rolled in.

You can be suspended off Facebook for making two proven statements of fact about christians: that they are hypocrites and that they rape children.


These are not “proven statements of fact”. Some Christians have committed these crimes. Some atheists have committed these crimes. Slurs of entire groups of people, almost always fail reasonable scrutiny.


so does putting groups on par with each other

atheists have a low crime rate compared to the population percentage.
and tend towards money rather than physical visceral crimes

and, as long as becoming Christian is the way for parole

religion is hardly a good thing, causing crime and then allowing people to get out of jail


Nina – I dig a lot of your posts, but this angle is a little too hardcore (fascist?) for me.
Are you REALLY asserting that Hindus & Buddhists have a higher propensity to rape than Atheists ? Supporting data please ?

Here’s what *I* think; ALL human beings may form transphysical/spiritual rituals, belief systems and devotions

I personally believe those traveled by single individuals (and small groups) are WAY more powerful – the domain where i AGREE with you is.. When such precepts are enforced by a CORPORATION (e.g. the Catholic Church), when say, celibacy is enforced by a hierarchy, normal healthy human sexuality will manifest in dark hidden ways, often ‘stolen’ and coerced (=Rape and Abuse) by those who have temporal power over others, who are REALLY repressed and messed up inside – for the Catholic Church to ABSOLVE these MoFo’s rather than prosecute & punish is BEYOND obscene

But I don’t think you can extend the blame to cover all those who possess a transphysical belief system – it’s JUST as bad as saying ‘All Mexicans are rapists’ surely ?

In fairness if you read what the dude said, Jesus WARNED of these murderous MoFo’s that would come up in his name – and if you had the power to reform society, make some kind of a ban, what would be it’s extent ? Would it cover the Buddhists, the Witches & Pagans, or what ?

Any ‘Temple’ or ‘Holy Place’ that tolerates/facilitates rape war and ultraviolence is an OBSCENITY – and I can understand your rage/ire, given the high budget fascist sc*m that appear on your (US I presume) TV’s, endorse and fund criminal politicians etc

Yet I don’t think a blanket ban or blanket blame is appropriate.

Thought Experiment – Imagine WW3’s happened, Amerika (Earth itself?) is a radioactive desert, you’re in a new Human Settlement on a new planet,(or artificial satellite) – you have someone who’s read the New Test, wants to emulate/follow the path of Jesus, do you
1)Burn the book, then discourage/censure them?
2)Kill or banish them?
3?Allow them their path ?

Nuclear Winter – Greg Costikyan

Gamers: Nuclear Winter

Nuclear Winter
The Realistic After-the-Holocaust Game
Design: Greg Costikyan

Development: Joe Balkoski, John M. Ford, and Nick Quane

(1.0) The 90-Minute War Table
1-4 You survive the first strike; roll on table 2.0.
5-6 You are killed in the fireball.
(2.0) Fallout Table
1-5 You survive the fallout with only minor radiation sickness; roll on table 3.0.
6 You are killed by the radiation.
(3.0) Collapse of Civilization Table
1-3 You survive the collapse of the food distribution network, the marauding bands, etc.; roll on table 4.0.
4-6 You die at the hands of looters, from starvation, etc.
(4.0) Nuclear Winter Table
1-6 A cloud of dust encircles the globe. Global temperatures drop by several degrees. Most plant life dies because it does not receive enough light. The glaciers advance. All animals larger than the rat become extinct. You die.
(5.0) Optional New Jersey Rule
If you live in New Jersey, add one to all die-rolls.

(6.0) Optional Breathing Rule
Each time you take a breath, mark off one breath box. When all six boxes have been marked off, you are dead.

Designer’s Notes
For some reason, after-the-holocaust games seem real popular right now. Why is beyond me; I can think of few more depressing environments in which to live. In addition, most such games are patently ludicrous; a few years after a full-scale nuclear exchange, nothing will be left by the rats and the roaches. However, I might as well cash in on the trend, too.

Coming Soon from Costikyan Publishing Empire
The sequel to Nuclear Winter


Is that a real game ? 😉

Seems a bit ‘non sequitur’?Think you might care to answer the question/s?

Ok, if you dont like the end-of-the-world scenario, simply WOULD you try and eliminate transphysical belief systems if you had the choice?


Yes, that is a real game, those are the rules and you only need one 6 sided dice.

And public Education along with social prosperity is the means to put an end to religion, which is a poor competitor in the marketplace of ideas.

which is my answer to your scenerio now and post end of the world.

meanwhile you avoided the scenario question that asked of you

Given all religions, past, present and future, have the same zero evidence, and given all the technology we have to extend our limited human perception

Assume that all religions are wrong. Now what do you do?

The Dark side of the Bodice Ripper: The Romance of Rape

historically, temples were were prostitution was practicedreligion is money for nothing and altar boys for freehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrHoMSRZOS4you should watch the mid 1980s tv moviesthe British Threads and the USA The Day After

anyone picking up a bunch of paper in the aftermath of that

is going to be using it to insulate a wall or start a fire


Given that you are on the internet, I suggest you review the law enforcement departments that release such stats to compare their own general population to prison populations and the crime category plottings.

You can start with North America, the context from which I am posting USA/Canada.

also, brain wise, prayer/mediation and sex are processed in the same brain sphere, relating to purity/disgust. religion and sex, power and control. it’s all. so people who do not have religion, do not process those dynamics the same way.

a person who understands that they are not entitled to control other people is hardly going to rape them, the second most negating a person thing one could do to another

so putting value on individual humans and humans in general, along with a respect for what we have learned and gathered

does lead to less criminality than people who confuse their sense of self with the deity that they use to justify their lack of self control and inability to respect others.

group thinkers vs free thinkers.

so, to prevent that very real possibility

it is better to educate people now

so here’s a thought experiment for you

imagine that you are completely wrong

Nuclear Nations vs Space Nations

Nuking Nations and Nuclear Energy

Troop Support and PTSD

Power and Prejudice:The Lawful Urination

Prevention vs Party Pills: Policy vs Prejudice

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