Dear Government of The People

People not Profits, and People not Prophets

Trump’s Justice Department is removing LGBT questions from a survey on violence

Dear government

you are of all the people, so everyone needs to be counted and included.


Well said



There are so many “lest we forget” flags going on in America.

former secretary of state madeleine albright has a new book, it’s got a black cover and a scare word in red letters title: Fascism a warning.


The right wing takeover of your local news is happening now & you didn’t notice


14 early warning signs of fascism

Powerful and continuing nationalism
Disdain for human rights
Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
Supremacy of the military
Rampant sexism
Controlled mass media
Obsession with national security
Religion and government intertwined
Corporate power protected
Labor [sic] power suppressed
Disdain for intellectuals & the arts
Obsession with crime & punishment
Rampant cronyism & corruption
Fraudulent elections


Also, Goebbel’s use of radio to spread propaganda to rural areas, where he had most supporters.


Indeed. Propaganda is idea advertising

and new media helped spread the message then.

now with the internet, any wanker can.

The Brexit and USA 2016 elections just repeated that old message over newest media.




term limits apply.

America was founded on the idea of no more kings

Ted Cruz’s big worry about Facebook is they’re too mean to Chick-fil-A



Russia has a Tsar, China a Permanent Chairman

America will either have it’s first king

or it’s first President perp walked for treason from the oval office

so, either the world is a dick joke, or equality is about to adjust

it is funny he’s fixed on his hands/feet, when it is actually the nose that indicates.

Tony Perkins says liberals want to ‘shame’ evangelicals. They should be ashamed



Thank you as well. Your kind and inquisitive nature allowed you to look past my somewhat rude remarks stemming from my misreading of a post you made and now I have a friend. I’ve learned a great deal from you about tolerance that I only thought I had and did not. And, for that, I am grateful.


Gratitude Chutney

that’s what people who are brainbots do

your comments are hellafunny

glandbots react
godbots regurgitate


Brainbot, I like the sound of that.


gratitude, as always, feel free to use

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