Netflix Revue: Happy Valley

After the first episode, I was relieved to see that there was two series of 6 episodes.

On the second episode, dot dot dot

Happy Valley (TV Series 2014– ) – IMDb

Happy Valley (TV series) – Wikipedia

There is a difference between watching a tv show

and watching a tv show about a world one worked in

Comedies and Procedures

Family, Friends, Medial and Legal Professions

Comedy or Drama presentation format dependent skewed

allowing for very special episodes; where comedy dramas or drama comedies

Musical Score or Suddenly Singing Charaters

under a scenic sky of blue, but Happy Valley being in the north

Grey Overcast Sky with jutting cliff skylines overlooking a wavy grey sea

Spoilers Below for the dot dot dot.

A tv show constable is crush killed with a motor vehicle.

I was never a cop, I just worked for law enforcement, RCMP, administratively.

It’ a tv show, I knew the cop character was going to at least in a comma or die when, instead of waiting in the cop car for the dispatch to complete the call in, she got out to deal with a simple broken taillight pull over.

As horrific as the car crushing her against the van, I was not prepared for the backing and driving over her. The tv character radios in her own death.

I remembered what my parents told me about tv in the 1970s

it is just a story on tv, it’s not news, it’s real. 

The Main character gets the report and calls a Code Zero

and the police characters freeze and then get orders

rather than react as per their training,

the lower ranks await orders on shows and movies

dramatic pause to thought gather, plus dramatic license.

for the leads, swallowing person and emotion, to do their jobs

sending everyone scrambling

The on arrival of the main character to the death scene

utterly heart wrenching, don’t stand there, crime scene to process

don’t can’t think it’s one of our own,

From sacking up to big girl panties, get the job done

and, the part of the Happy Valley that is really getting me

is that the day before the constable was murdered with a vehicle by a kidnapper rapist

a politician character DUI refused a breathalyzer and called her a cunt for doing her job

and the sergeant character is being told to ignore that she found drugs in Politician’s car

which goes back to the kidnapper’s more usual profession of drug smuggling

For me, that episode on the viceral impact scale makes the top horrific scenes

DW Griffith’s Broken Blossoms – Lillian Gish murdered in a closet with an axe by her father

Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures – two girls murder the mother of one of them with rocks, based on true story.

Boys Don’t Cry that Hilary Swank oscared for

and now, Happy Valley – cop car crushed by kidnapper rapist murder

which was more shocking that Buffy’s mom Joyce dying from the brain tumor

TV Franchise: Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel the Vamp with a Soul

BuffyVerse: the Missing Slayer

but less than Col Blake’s helicopter crash death on M*A*S*H

MASH: Plot vs Theme

M*A*S*H’s Klinger: GI in a dress

Golden Girls: a generational message

X-Files and Physical Formats, eh



The RCMP Apology

Dear RCMP re women


When I was a kid watching tv, it was so much more exciting than real life.

But, it was mostly fiction and I learned to understand television the way that books are sometimes fiction and sometimes non-fiction.

When I was a grade school child, I was in the movie theatre with my Mom watching

the Disney movie Bambi, and in the Bambi’s mother was shot scene, my Mom was crying.

I touched her knee and said, “It’s okay Mom, it’s just a cartoon.”

later in the movie, there was a deer fight and a forest fire

As an adult, it’s still just a cartoon, and it’s the boys only girls make one twitter-patted that is the disturbing scene.

Bambi (1942) – IMDb

but I was more disturbed by the sequel: Return of Absentee Dad

Bambi II (2006) – IMDb



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