Good People vs Bystanders

Top DOJ civil rights lawyer quits to fight the Trump administration over LGBTQ rights

hard to know if fighting the good fight inside or outside of said system is more effective

some people in both are really needed.


With Kleagle Sessions in control of the DOJ, her staying is useless. She’ll do much more good with Lambda Legal than she could under the thumb of that Klukker.


good to know, thank you.

Father had his girlfriend rape his 11 year-old autistic son because he feared the kid was gay

If there is a hell, I hope these 2 get sent to the worst, deepest, darkest most hideous part of it.


I’m not religious. But I agree. This couple needs to be handed the worst possible sentence for such cruel, reprehensible treatment.


if there’s a heaven, they get a repent and go there according to the same religion

they prefer perps over their victims

partly why I am not religious at all, it claims absolutes and then invalidates them

money for nothing and altar boys for free.

maybe it’s time to license parenting, people have to pass a competency course

this is why parental beliefs do not override children’s rights of person and safety, especially known vulnerable additional factors





I don’t know why the publication puts up him. They could block his IP or something. Disqus is quite variable with each site.


I don’t either. social media has favoured the trolls for the last couple of years it seems

this is what happened when companies go international and avoid paying taxes to any government or adhering to any regulation.

social media platforms claim community standards, but it’s never the community setting them.

and having computer techies telling AI how to understand human language and behaviours is hysterically funny

since, the lack of human social skills is correlated to being a computer geek in the first place.

I was banned from facebook before the delete facebook boycott

GetEQUAL is shutting down & PFLAG may be next

got rights, get complacent

this is why the work does not stop when rights piecemeal advance

or L and G got theirs and leave B T and Q to fend for selves

we’re supposed to be an LGBTQ community


Actually, that’s wrong. When the Trump stuff about tossing trans folks out of the military, the LGBT, ALL stood up and defended the trans community. The swift reaction from the country was because the LGB’s stood firm and made sure the T were with us all the way.


you are misapplying my observation of lgbtq community behaviors over decades and from Canada to a current American news cycle issue

were, once we got marriage, the downtown queers moved to the burbs

it’s about the volunteer burn out rate, in community

coming out militancy, vs middle aged queerdom

of I want rights too and then enjoying them rather than realizing that others need rights too, it takes people with rights to leverage them for others

it’s a big picture post, and why PFLAG matters the most to queerdom.


but I do find your perception encouraging

thank you for the glimmer of hope for humanity

This is the kind of thing that happens when self-appointed activist leaders pursue extremist policies rather than more sensible aspirations likely to win support not only from most LBGTQI folk but also from the wider community.

When, as is clearly happening, public funding dries up, minority groups fighting worthy causes become financial hostages to manipulative multinational corporations or billionaire so-called philanthropists with undeclared wider political and social agendas.

It is time for the moderate majority stand up and demand their right to choose their leaders, rather than acquire them by default.

Nobody is doing more to divide the LGBT community and alienate potential supporters from the wider community than extreme and – yes,bigoted – trans activists (verbal abuse and even physical attacks on so-called TERFS, for example, splattered all over social media) and bullying tactics to silence any opposition to trans ideology and in some instances demands which impinge on the “equality” of other groups (such as the egregious misgendering legislation already rolled out in some US states and Canadian provinces).
What really worries me, though, is that laws and public policy are being changed to accommodate of a controversial transgender agenda which has some very dubious supporters (see my earlier posting) and which has been the subject of virtually no informed public debate. A backlash is starting among both elements of the formerly fairly united LBG community as well as among parents, religious groups and other concerned organisations and people who feel things are moving too far, too fast and fear there may well be serious unintended consequences if the momentum continues apace.
I won’t go on, for obviously this is not the ideal medium for a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of what I am talking about. You probably get my drift. Pity we can’t sit down somewhere, a whole bunch of us from across the gender spectrum, and kick the balloon up into the air to see if it floats. Anyway, that’s my six penn’orth for now. Make of it what you will.
Incidentally, the “moderate” label was not mine, but applied to me by another poster, my old pal Nina. No offence meant, I’m sure, or taken. Cheers.


yeah, you’re easy with the opinions when others are doing the work

the moderate majority of bystanders content to get theirs
with a side of contempt for anyone else trying to get or help others get a share too.


Instead of wasting your and my time on yet another pointless personal attack, make yourself useful and find out how much the “others doing the work” are being paid and by whom. Hang on to your eyebrows.


what words from my post are a personal attack on you?

when you are referring to me as time wasting and naive?


Your naivety would be astonishing were it not for the fact that it is shared by so many in your so-called “community”.

You need to do some research on who is pouring money into the transgender activists’ coffers – and why.

Persuading us that sex is irrelevant and gender totally malleable are stepping stones to Silicon Valley’s, and globalists’, sci-fi dream of turning us ALL into trans-humans.

Unless this is where you want homo sapiens to end up, I suggest you and the rest of the LBGTQetcetc brigade get your heads out of your backsides and start seeing the bigger picture.


“Silicon Valley’s, and globalists’, sci-fi dream of turning us ALL into trans-humans.”

this sounds like a real thing to you?


” formerly fairly united LBG community”

totally imaginary white washing queer history

bisexuals have been deemed tourists for most of gays and lesbians history and herstory

by the way, hetero women don’t have equal rights in America

and it’s transgender who are bringing rights to women

making it pointed that a person is a person under the law

gender can be more easily changed than law


are you aware that the 1970s heterosexual women threw the lesbians who helped with abortion and equal pay issues under the bus?

or that 1980s/1990s gay men got lesbian help for Aids and gay men did’t help with breast cancer

I am concerned about the Trans idea that the only way for anyone to be an ally is not being a person friend, but a friend with benefits, and also expecting to add a demographic label onto other people, taking therapy language to the mainstream; which is not what gays and lesbians told heteros/PFLAG

but certainly, continue to assume about everyone else, complain about anyone who actually does anyting

instead of finding common ground to stand and defend, let’s keep infighting until the homogeneous demographics against LGBTQ genocide us

“No offence meant, I’m sure, or taken”

Yeah, too cliche a male passive aggressive to deem you as an adult

if you’re going to post it, own it.


Do you do ANYTHING with your time but post on this website (and others, for all I know)?

Hope you find it more satisfying than the rest of us do.


now you complain that I post

because posting on the internet isn’t what you’re doing?

is this your first day on the internet?

you are unclear that other people use it too?

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