A Vancouver Outing Part 2

Part 1: The Post I wrote on the outing day

Part 2: This post.

I am in the process of switching from the laptop that I currently use, to a new tablet.

An image of me with my tile from that day and part of the outing was to update this post:
Immortalized in Stone

Nina and Pompeii

This is my tile in this public art installation in Vancouver near the commerical drive skytrain station, from the time of the Grandview bridge upgrade to celebrate 250 East Vancouver community activists by having names on the sidewalk.

the art installation


So Friday it was a Vancouver outing for fun – brunch and a walk in my old nieghbourhood

On Saturday, it was an outing in Surrey, where the hunt n gather with my Mom had a novel encounter at the Guildford Community Centre where the library is; and had information session on ageing.

and conference booths are something I cannot resist. I walked around the whole place.

I talked to a few booth attendants, and not only filled out the Rate Our Conference Form

I also took the pad of sticky notes and put words on them in ink and stuck them to the 4 easel boards with feedback questions.

the most importing being the what was missing

I wrote “no LGBTQ content” in clear letters and put it on the board at the average height for women.

anyway, I had fun at the  Kwantlen University booth, it was a college when I was a student there.  and, while I was not in that department, I did get dragged in from the common room into a classroom to be one of a test subject group in a soda preference contest were the same bottle was used for both glasses; later at Simon Fraser University, I agreed to test subject for another psyche class student. More recently, in my 40s, I declined to participate in a UBC Depression study, because I questioned their study protocols and when I saw their eventual published results, was glad to not have bothered going to UBC to participate.

I annoyed a Kwantlen Univerisity Student helping the prof trying to recruit people for a cognitive study
He complained that the public didn’t view psychiatry as a science.
I explained it was an art, not a science; and until religion is in the manual, it won’t be a science.
He took a deep breath and nodded.
Then I explained that Freud had 5 patients, 2 over correspondance
“Let’ put him aside” he said, even making a arm gesture as if moving something
Undaunted, “and one was himself, so he needed to not project his baggage onto everyone else.”
at that, he laughed, and so do the other 2 people on my side of the table.
at that point, he interrupted me with an assertion of “But we have statistics”
(which means nothing to individual case files, and only means math works, not the framework it’s measuring)
So then I finished with, “and it needs to consider behaviorism, we’re risen apes, the prime ape of gorillas, chimps n bonobos, orangutans”
and,  I always forget the last of the apes, the baboons, they are the least upright
with homo sapiens the swingingest and uptight at the same time
my cbt therapist is right, university students are fun to play with


they also need to stop making artistic things mental illness

realizing that some artists deal with medium that are literally toxic

such as painters, anyone using solvents; so exposure diseases are one thing

creativity another and mental health, well, art is anguish and outsider perspective

why truth and beauty, poetically so forth, eh?

Trump revokes transgender military ban & replaces it with another just as bad

To borrow a phrase from conservative columnist George Will, this is “a distinction without a difference.” It’s like having a pickpocket tell you “I’m not going to steal your wallet, I’m going to steal what’s in your pocket.”


excellent example of meaningless pedantic word battles

We don’t need transgenders in the military. There are plenty of sane normal men who can fight. This will give these confused and crazy people time to go back to the mental institution now and get the help they need.


Science proved and announced in 1970 that LGBTQs are part of our NORMAL, SANE civilization. I am a gay Navy vet who has been with my partner 56 years, married almost 14 years, and we are both retired and living the American dream. Lean and evolve with the rest of civilization, you will be much happier.


being bothered by that others exist is mental illness

learn to work and play with others


I don’t think you gays have any idea how much more people hate you now because of your anger, immaturity and vengeance. Along with exposing yourselves to kids at pride parades. It’s worse now than when HIV broke out. Yup, it is really scary to be gay..


disappeared from the census and removed from government budgets. indeed. it is scary to be queer in America in 2018

after the Supreme Court finally ruled for marriage equality, before before America falls out of the G20, as the only democratic nation without legal equality for women and ending universal health care

it is horrifying to see how much Americans hate each other

and yes, we know know how much, christians keep telling us, and can’t leave us alone.

after centuries of oppression by religious people

yes, we do,

not to mention having to deal with trolls like you

constantly hanging around, seeking our attention

and telling us


You wrote:

There are plenty of sane normal men who can fight. This will give these confused and crazy people time to go back to the mental institution now and get the help they need.

and after being called out on these lies by me then you wrote:

don’t think you gays have any idea how much more people hate you now because of your anger, immaturity and vengeance. Along with exposing yourselves…

Notice I’m the better person (bi not gay) here because I haven’t manufactured any lies about you. So as I hit the gong so you are escorted out by security 😎 I pray that you find respite for your gay obsession by having the gay sex you so desperately desire. It’s the best pleasure ever.

Oh look! The “one bad cop = all bad cops” theory fallacy. Certainly you can’t be this stupid, but then…


if there are good cops on the force

then why are there any bad ones at all?


Probably protected by friends?


indeed, so not good cops either

so were are the good cops dealing with the bad ones?


Internal affairs?


if they were effective, then there wouldn’t be bad beat cops

if they are corrupt, then who investigates them?

them the problem with management, not just rank n file

that’s bad from the bottom and the top

there are more protections for the criminally suspect
than for the victims or for the whistleblowers

RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

The RCMP Apology

Dear RCMP re women

RCMP v Women: Class Action

RCMP: Memorials and Ribbons

Will Canada replace the RCMP?

RCMP database on missing persons is overdue, over budget


That leaves video citizen groups?


that would be one group

witnesses that will intervene at the point of incident and afterwards testify on behalf of victimized individuals,

but the most important group is voters.

particularly in America where Judges are elected and not appointed.

so from that side of the law to the politicians who are supposed to be law makers, not law breakers

who need to be carrying out the law, not the wishes of the mob


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